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($40) Mono-Black Bogbrew Witch Deck Tech

Modern* Budget Mono-Black Theme/Gimmick



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Mono-Black deck built around Bogbrew Witch, Festering Newt, and Bubbling Cauldron with -X/-X and Self-sacrifice as a sub-theme. Prolly not high tier but is super fun on a low budget.

The Combo - Put Bogbrew Witch, Bubbling Cauldron(s) and Festering Newts into play. Tutor Newts with Bogbrew Witch to sacrifice to the Cauldron to drain your opponent(s) for 4 and clean the board. Finish them off with chip damage from other creatures.

Deck Tech

Core Cards

  • 4x Bogbrew Witch - Namesake of the deck, it tutors the combo from your deck and enables the combo. Very fragile stat wise but you often only need it to tutor up a few newts and your other creatures can close the game.

  • 2x Bubbling Cauldron - Often times you only need two activations to Newt and you'll own the board and have your opponent on the ropes. You can swing tempo fast with the combo since people underestimate it sometimes. It usually doesn't sacrifice non-newts but can still enable the death triggers when needed. Only ever need one, so two for redundancy.

  • 4x Festering Newt - The final piece of Bogbrew Tron, sacrificing it can kill a lot of creatures even without the witch in play but using it in tandem with Cauldron is what makes this combo worth it.

The Rest of the Mainboard

  • 2x Bone Picker - Not surprisingly, BP's ability is easy to trigger in a sacrifice deck. It adds a good clock in the air for a single mana and can be a good roadblock against aggro/midrange.

  • 2x Bontu the Glorified - Huge stats for low cost, Bontu applies a ton of pressure on the board whilst also being a good blocker and source of card filtering.

  • 4x Dark Prophecy - Good lord, this card oozes value in this deck. Having one out can almost guarantee a lock and will keep your hand stocked when using the combo.

  • 4x Festering Mummy - Hmmm, this looks familiar... This card adds redundancy to Festering and is an excellent sacrifice target and chump blocker. Not to mention it enables Necroskitter.

  • 4x Giften Aetherborn - He attacc and he protecc, worst-case he sacc. Aetherborn is such a good 2-drop for it's flexibility, it can attack into a ton of things well, it almost always trades well vs blockers and if it doesn't you sacrifice it.

  • 1x Immortal Servitude - This card just puts the fear of God into your opponents if you can successfully cast it for good value. They may even sideboard graveyard hate for it! Reality is, this card is awesome but more likely than not, it's a dead draw until late-late game.

  • 2x Necroskitter - My God this card, it can be the best draw or the worst draw, it depends on what side of the table you're on. When Necroskitter is played right, it hoses people so hard. Getting -1/-1 counters isn't difficult in this deck, and the high removal count makes it close to impossible to not get some immediate value. Stealing creatures can help you feed Bontu or add to your clock and makes it worth the price tag as it's the most expensive card in the deck.

  • 4x Quest for the Gravelord - This card is really good and underplayed. Effectively it's a one mana 5/5, that can enter on like turn 4. This card is a great turn one, mana sink, and overall excellent value.

  • 2x Shriekmaw - In normal decks, this would be a Go For The Throat or a Doom Blade. In this deck, its that plus a Bontu, Quest, and Prophecy enabler. So don't just think of it as just a kill spell, cause it can also trigger card draw, makes 5/5s, and/or enable Bontu.

  • 4x Vicious Offering - An underrated removal spell from Dominaria, this card kills almost everything and triggers other effects. Even unkicked it has solid value and this deck helps enable this card to shine more.


  • 18x Swamp - Cause Mono Black

  • 2x Ifnir Deadlands - Enables Necroskitter and is good utility

  • 1x Westvale Abbey - Rarely able to flip it but if you get the chance to, you practically win. Best left as a one of.


  • 2x Damping Sphere - Cause Wow F**K Tron

  • 4x Duress - Cause control is not fun

  • 1x Elixir of Immortality - In case everything goes wrong

  • 2x Languish - Budget Damnation

  • 2x Nihil Spellbomb - Cause Bridgevine/Hollow one/GPG hurt

  • 2x Pithing Needle - In case of Teferi or Jace or if you really hate your friend's Super Friends deck.

  • 2x Yahenni's Expertise - Alternative to Languish


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