This deck is a collaboration of many other decks as well as my own ideas. My first decent deck was a mono-black one that evolved over about 2 years as my collection grew and I traded cards with friends. I still own it however rarely use it as it is no longer competing with the decks I play against. This deck has none of the same cards as my original deck however uses the same main principles to win.

The main win condition is to control the opponent's board with removal and Phyrexian Obliterator, depleting their on-board permanents so they cannot cast anything or block your beefy creatures.Another way to destroy the opponent's board state is with the almighty Desecration Demon. The demon is very effective against most decks although not so much against tokens (hence the 4x Languish in the sideboard). A fantastic mid-game finisher is Gray Merchant of Asphodel which has also saved me on quite a few occasions, both directly and indirectly.

Please comment with suggestions for the mainboard as well as sideboard (I am very inexperienced at them as you can probably tell) and upvote if you like it!



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