This is my Noble deck. The idea of the deck is to dig for mana and auras before turn three, so you can table Geist of Saint Traft . Then turn four you attach auras and swing for large amounts of damage. I've always wanted to play around with Geist, but didn't have the money for a playset of him. He is one of my favorite cards printed and fits the slot of a noble. The hexproof he comes with makes him very difficult for your opponent to remove him. The fact that he brings an angel with him to battle, makes him a big threat. The only downside he has, is that he is a 2/2 on the ground. I get around this with cards like Aqueous Form, Spectral Flight and Steel of the Godhead.


Aqueous Form: There to make Geist unblockable and provide that little bit of scry.

Ethereal Armor: An amazing aura that gets crazy is you get to attach more than one to Geist.

Spectral Flight: Buffs up Geist and gives him evasion. Now his angel isn't the only one flying in.

Steel of the Godhead: Honestly never saw this card before sitting down to make this deck. This thing is broken at three mana. Makes Geist into a 4/4 unblockable, lifelinker.

Azorius Charm: This card fills up all 4 of are uncommon slots because it does so much. Need to dig for another aura to win? Need to get rid of that pesky creature and delay your opponent? Need to win the race with life gain? This card is just too versatile.

Brainstorm: Who doesn't love digging three deep and possibly shuffling off cards we don't need? This can get you that land you needed for Geist or an aura to make him evasive.

Gitaxian Probe: Take a peek at your opponents hand and see if it is safe to play Geist, then draw a card with will either draw more, buff Geist or build your mana base.

Hyena Umbra : Another aura that buffs up Geist and keeps him safe from wrath effects and non-targeted removal. (Great suggestion from Buckminsterfullerene)

Spell Pierce: This is our Geist safety net. After poking around with Gitaxian Probe we can use this to play out Geist on turn 4 and be able to counter their counter.(I'm extra cautious)

Ponder: What isn't to love about it? It lets us look at our top 3 and shuffle them away if we don't like what we see. Playing this after a Brainstorm is a great way to get rid of some cards you didn't need.

Our land is simple, 4 Azorius Guildgate and 4 Tranquil Cove for our duels and 6 Plains and 7 Islands for our basics.


Akrasan Squire : If you need more early creatures, this guys is a 1/1 for one, that can swing for 2. His Exalted does trigger when Geist attacks, because Exalted triggers when you declare attacks, just like Geist's angle.

Delver of Secrets  : If your opponent can get rid of Geist, then these guys serve as a good back up. Once they flip, they provide a scary life clock and they provide their own evasion. Aura them up and watch the pain.

Feeling of Dread : This card is great against aggro match ups. You get to tap down two creatures and have the card still usable in the graveyard. I only side in three because having one in your hand should lock down the game for you.

Oppressive Rays : Cheap semi-removal for one mana and it counts as an enchantment for Ethereal Armor. This card is wonderful and helps us survive while buffing up Geist.


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