Vengeful Dreams


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Torment Rare

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Vengeful Dreams


As an additional cost to play Vengeful Dreams, discard X cards.

Remove X target attacking creatures from the game.

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Vengeful Dreams Discussion

Pal00ka on Sram Equipment Combo

4 months ago

I really like the list! May try to make it more budget friendly but great starting point.

Play-tested a bit on here and a few thoughts for when/if I make this:

Less lands because when you flood out is when the combo ends.

Your hand becomes huge due to your draw (especially with Puresteel present) so discard outlets could be handy, which there is a dearth of in white and colorless. Nonetheless Solitary Confinement and Vengeful Dreams for protection in a voltron build. Key to the City and Medicine Bag to preserve the voltron focus.

YmPrat on Odric, LM Myr Tribal EDH

9 months ago

Add Darksteel Forge you're running too many artifacts to let something like Fracturing Gust wipe out your entire deck.

Given the tribal nature of the deck, and the difficulties of doing well in a mono-colored tribal deck, you should consider something like Mimic Vat it's still an artifact so it fits with the artifacts matter bit of the deck.

Since so much of your deck is colorless putting in an All Is Dust makes a lot of sense too. Martyr's Bond should go in this deck. If someone wants to deal with one of your creatures they can suffer the consequences of having to lose something of theirs.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is just a good card, but it also has vigilance. It's an often forgotten part of the card, but the buff and providing vigilance to all of your creatures could be useful.

Consider swapping one of your wrath effects for an Austere Command you have very little enchantment removal, almost no enchantments, and it provides you with a conditional boardwipe.

Erase isn't bad, but have you considered running Revoke Existence instead? For an additional mana and giving up instant speed you get the ability to choose to nail an artifact instead.

Cut Holy Day from the deck, a fog effect isn't going to do much towards saving you, and you already have Dawn Charm which can do other (albeit limited) things.While you're at it, cut Soul Nova it's overcosted for what it does.Thought Vessel should go too, it's not efficient ramp and your deck isn't going to be drawing enough cards to justify running it.Mask of Avacyn is nice, but you need to make more room and it's borderline at best.Basalt Monolith falls to the same issue. It can provide a nice early advantage, but only for one turn. After that it's just a 3 mana mana bank.I'm not sure what use you're intending to get out of Rings of Brighthearth but unless you're running lands that combo with it I would consider cutting it. It doesn't interact in insane ways with many of the cards in your deck, and if it does and I'm missing it then you aren't running enough tutors to fetch it.Definitely remove Vengeful Dreams, keeping your hand full of cards is very difficult to do in mono-white, especially without either Land Tax or Mind's Eye.Thousand-Year Elixir doesn't actually provide haste, so it doesn't synergize with your commander at all. Unless you see needing the abilities of several of your creatures right away I'd cut it.Scour from Existence has a very high mana cost for the ability it provides. If you still need more cards to cut consider removing it.

CharybdisV on Helm-Smashing! CombatControl.dec

1 year ago

Nickosis Absolutely! I super appreciate all ideas for the deck haha, and I can totally be wrong too. Riverdare recommended True Conviction, which I just saw as win-more, and after adding it in I can safely say I was not correct. The double strike/lifelink really helps me out when I inevitably overextend and leave myself open for some nasty attacks.

War's Toll would be phenomenal for this deck, if only that last bit about mana wasn't in there :( It makes Spear of Heliod, Comeuppance, Deflecting Palm, Vengeful Dreams, Wing Shards, Master Warcraft, Sunforger, Brutal Hordechief, Rage Nimbus, etc. all useless.