Rites of Refusal


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey (ODY) Common

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Rites of Refusal


Discard any number of cards. Counter target spell unless its controller pays (3) for each card discarded this way.

Rites of Refusal Discussion

HomesickAli3n on Pauper UG

1 year ago

So I modified your list a bit, but I don't know if you want to see it. I'll offer some suggestions and leave a list at the bottom if you're interested in what it could look like.

  1. I'd cut Hooting Mandrills. You're deck seems more interested in getting Threshold online. This card is contrary to that strategy and I think you found your beatdown body in Arrogant Wurm, which is just strictly better with trample.

  2. After testing Rites of Refusal, I think it is just too cute and clunky. I found that this iteration of the deck doesn't run enough pure card advantage to justify "2-for-1"ing yourself. 8 counterspells may be enough anyway, but if you feel like you could use more, running Counterspell or Daze aren't bad options. They come with a little risk, not being mono U, but could be worth it.

  3. I think you can cut Werebear. Breaks my heart to suggest it, but it might be risky to over-saturate your deck with threshold creatures. He's more vulnerable than Nimble Mongoose in the early game and I've already mentioned that the Arrogant Wurm seems like your 4/4 of choice. You aren't an aggro deck so, rather than just throwing a ton of 4/4's in the opponent's face, the tempo deck's concern is laying down select threats in the early to mid game and protecting/disrupting your way to victory.

  4. I've found that with Careful Study and other looting effects, I'd rather have card advantage that gave me more to discard to cards like Waterfront Bouncer and Wild Mongrel. Accumulated Knowledge or Deep Analysis are good cards for stocking your hand to give strength to your discard engines.

  5. Merfolk Looter and Obsessive Search feel super good in conjunction. The looter offers another instant speed dicard outlet that isn't as mana hungry as Waterfront Bouncer and, when combined with madness, it reads "tap: draw a card." Obsessive Search offers increased value to your discard engines and helps you to dig for relevant cards.

  6. Consider Just the Wind. It's effectively a Vapor Snag in your deck which is a tempo staple in pauper. It can clear the way for attacks or save one of your own creatures while fizzling a removal spell.

  7. AEther Tradewinds is another card I was looking at. This can bounce back pesky non-creature that dodged one of your counterspells the first time. Once again, fizzles removal while tempoing your opponent. Also, never hurts to have Basking Rootwalla back in hand.

  8. Lastly, I toyed around with a mana base that is slightly slower but much more consistent. Ash Barrens and Thornwood Falls offer you fixing. Simic Growth Chamber does this as well and allows you the ability to cut back on lands (as one Growth chamber is effectively two lands on one card). Being able to bounce back a basic you no longer need to discard to one of your engines, all while hitting your land drop, is also not half bad.

Deck List: UG Madness Sample Deck

PS. Let me know if you have any sideboard questions.

GatorBait181 on Atraxa Awakened

2 years ago

Your in 4 colors, which opens you up for all the the best forms of spot removal. Maybe also incorporate cheaper boardwipes. I know you own at least one Damnation. I noticed you are running several counterspells. In my experience you either need to commit to more to make that strategy more consistent, or not include them at all unless they serve another synergistic function. You might want to cut out the ones with double blue mana symbols if fixing is an issue early on. Arcane Denial, Delay, and Rites of Refusal are good for emergencies.

edevil27 on Infinite Mill/Life Loss Changeling Deck

2 years ago

litlamzetiv, thank you for the suggestions. I think I'll stick with Altar of Dementia purely for the reason that I won't have to attack but the last two sac outlets are quite good and I use them as win-cons in another deck.

Adding more burns into the deck wouldn't really help tbh as I want more changelings than burn/zombie creatures but they're equally as good.

As for the card Forget, I think it's a bit more useful than the other discard cards you suggested as it allows me that extra draw which helps speed up the deck but i do very much like that Rites of Refusal though.

They're all good suggestions and would help the deck, it's just personal preference I guess.

Warhammer39999 on Infinite Mill/Life Loss Changeling Deck

2 years ago

I like the concept as it seems original. Some thoughts I had:

  • I'm not a huge fan of the Altar of Dementia. Granted, it's your kill condition and it's a sac outlet, but you can likely accomplish this another way. Corpse Blockade, Carrion Feeder, Nantuko Husk, and Phyrexian Ghoul all count as sac outlets (and you could argue that the latter three could be game winners as a result). The diregraf captain works as your win condition in this regard and you can stay on theme with zombies. For that matter Gnawing Zombie also works, but his sac ability requires an activation cost so you can't really go infinite.

  • In the above example, some combination of Diregraf Captain, Vengeful Dead, & Plague Belcher all work as win conditions for that matter.

  • I presume that "forget" is a way to dump Haakon into your graveyard and not something you really intend to play on the opponent. In that case, maybe consider a card that has additional use like Forbid or Rites of Refusal instead. That way you get a little more utility out of the card (in countering a spell) and also get Haakon in the 'yard.

  • For that matter, you could also stay on theme with Zombies and use Cryptbreaker, Necromancer's Stockpile, Skirk Ridge Exhumer, or even Zombie Infestation. The first two are the strongest options as they also help filter your deck to get to the cards you want. They can also make use of excess lands you may draw throughout the game.

I like the deck overall though. Nifty idea.

n0bunga on Breya: The Last Metalbender

2 years ago


Another budget interrupt is Rites of Refusal. In a perfect world you can pitch artifacts to weld, or Worldgorger and a creature, or LED, etc.

And on top of that the more you pitch the harder it would be for an opponent to pay the cost.

Vaecon on Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

3 years ago

Great reanimator deck. If you are looking for some upgrades, although they might not be budget, they are still some very good cards. If you want some more control here are a few options: Arcane Denial, Cyclonic Rift, Rites of Refusal, Dispel, or Flusterstorm. Deathrite Shaman is great against flashback while Birthing Pod is great for a sack outlet while still looking for creatures. Opulent Palace is a great land that allows you to get a mana of one you don't have already. Yawgmoth's Will is a must have for decks like these. Savra, Queen of the Golgari is a good card if you have a sac outlet on the field. Grave Pact is my last suggestion. It forces them to sacrifice a lot while you have a sac outlet out. All around great deck.

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