Gorm the Great


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battlebond (BBD) Rare

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Gorm the Great

Legendary Creature — Giant Warrior

Partner with Virtus the Veiled (When this creature enters the battlefield, target player may put Virtus into their hand from their library, then shuffle.)


Gorm the Great must be blocked if able, and Gorm must be blocked by two or more creatures if able.

Gorm the Great Discussion

Boza on Gorm the Great + Raving ...

3 months ago

I will try and summarize all the discussion so far:

  • Gorm the Great does not have menace. If it did, it would have to be blocked by two creatures. But as he is, he can be blocked by a single creature.

  • Camouflage can be a pain in the ... head ... to try and wrap your head around it.

Kogarashi on Gorm the Great + Raving ...

3 months ago

For what it's worth, a quick Google search for Camouflage 's interactions with menace pulled up this quote (from Stackexchange, but quoting someone asking on a Magic Judge tumblr):

  • I asked this question to the (Unofficial) Ask a Magic Judge tumblr blog worded like this: "Say Anthony attacks with a Charging Rhino and Boggart Brute, then casts Camouflage. Then, while declaring blocks, Nathan puts 2 vanilla creatures in one pile and 1 in the other. Unfortunately, he gets unlucky, and the pile with 2 creatures is assigned to block Charging Rhino and the pile with 1 creature is assigned to block Boggart Brute. Which creatures end up blocked, and why does it work that way?" and this is the response: "Neither creature is blocked because neither set of blockers is legal."

So menace should probably still require a legal set of blockers (2 or more), even though blockers aren't declared, if intimidate and flying are also considered for this. Basically if a creature with menace is assigned a pile with only one creature, too bad, that's not a legal block for the menace creature.

Gorm the Great doesn't count in this situation since he doesn't actually have menace, just an "if able" condition. The implication there is "if unable, then block normally."

dragonstryke58 on Gorm the Great + Raving ...

3 months ago

@Rhadamanthus But you're not skipping the declare blockers step. Camouflage modifies how blockers are declared. Instead of the defender declaring blockers, they make piles of any number of creatures they control equal to the number of creatures attacking them. Then the attacking player assigns a pile to an attacking creature he controls. Whether or not a block is legal should still follow the rules in 509 (which should include menace).

I also looked into it more and I guess the Oracle Ruling helped.

It's not that you can't block Gorm the Great with less than two creatures, just that if it's possible to block him with two or more creatures, you must do so. If there's only one creature that can block him, that creature does so.

From the Gatherer on Gorm the Great :

6/8/2018: If only one creature can block Gorm the Great, that creature does so.

dragonstryke58 on Gorm the Great + Raving ...

3 months ago

If Gorm the Great unluckily/luckily got assigned a pile with less than two creatures, wouldn't he end up unblocked? Since the oracle text for Camouflage reads "...Each creature in a pile that can block the creature that pile is assigned to does so.", wouldn't normal blocking restrictions apply?

Boza on Gorm the Great + Raving ...

3 months ago

None of these cards and Camouflage have any particularly spicy interactions. Keep in mind that the Oracle text of Camouflage and its printed version read quite differently. How Camo actually works is by substituting how you declare blockers:

1/ Opponent separates their blockers into piles, no less than 0 and no more than the number of attacking creatures.

2/ Each pile is then randomly assigned to a different attacker.

3/ The creatures that can block the attacking creature actually do so.

Depending on what/how many the blockers are (the question does not specify that), the interactions will be different.

The only weird case I would consider is Gorm the Great - if he is randomly assigned a pile with less than 2 creatures, he is simply blocked by all creatures in that pile.

bj_bancroft on Gorm the Great + Raving ...

3 months ago

What the heck would happen if I declared attacks with Gorm the Great , Raving Dead , Virtus the Veiled , & Phage the Untouchable and then cast Camouflage ??

DrukenReaps on New player looking for a ...

6 months ago

Well here is every golgari commander:


For your first deck it is better to stay away from having too many colors. It just makes the deck more expensive and harder to put together, imo. That said if you want other colors then go for it.

Since you want the deathtouch/trample thing I would go for one that already has deathtouch or trample. So here are a few you might really like.

Glissa, the Traitor - generally an awesome stax deck with her being able to kill most anything. Lots of equipment give trample and if they get blown up she can put them beck into your hand.

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons - doesn't have either ability her self but makes tons of deathtouch tokens. It is a fairly easy step from there to give them trample and pump them with any number of green spells. She is also a pretty staxy commander.

Gorm the Great // Virtus the Veiled - I haven't played this pair but I've seen them in a few games. Virtus is devastating... And no one wants to get hit with him so he almost needs to be given trample or other evasion even with Gorm being present.

Sisters of Stone Death - She is a bit different. Technically she doesn't have deathtouch. What she does is better! Add trample and she does her thing while smacking in for a lot of commander damage.

Finale note is power level of these commanders. None of them are considered competitive and Hapatra and Glissa are likely the only ones I listed that could sit comfortably at a high powered table consistently. And your strategy doesn't always work very well in commander. The attack step is usually just not strong enough... Still you should play what you want.

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Gorm the Great occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%