This is my attempt to make Disciple of the Vault playable in Affinity (Pauper). The deck has all the Affinity staples including: Atog , Chromatic Star , Fling , Frogmite , Galvanic Blast , Myr Enforcer , Prophetic Prism , and Springleaf Drum . Where the deck differs is with the splash of black, instead of the splash of green in the typical build. Since they are all cheap, I would suggest picking up a playset of Carapace Forger and Tree of Tales , so you can enjoy both versions.


Flayer Husk is a "bad card" that just seems to work. The most important aspect is it's an artifact that continues to add to our affinity even after our token dies. The +1/+1 is also useful as the difference between a late game 4/4 Myr Enforcer and 5/5 Myr Enforcer can be significant.

Ichor Wellspring increases our artifact count for affinity while helping to draw through our deck.

Temur Battle Rage helps our Atog or Myr Enforcer swing in for double strike.


Turn 1: Springleaf Drum

Turn 2: Flayer Husk Ichor Wellspring Frogmite

Turn 3: Disciple of the Vault Atog

Turn 4: This turn we are likely going to be able to drop another Frogmite or Myr Enforcer . Then we can attack with our Atog . If we sacrifice all of our non-land artifacts it can become a 11/12. Drop on a Temur Battle Rage and now it's hitting for lethal with double strike and trample. Additionally, Disciple of the Vault is going to deal five damage.


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