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Combo deck with Spawning Grounds as the main focus. Came across this card and thought it would be hilarious to make a deck around it. Not sure if it moves too slow, but would be really funny to get working!

The hard part is getting Spawning Grounds out - we can do it by either cheating it out with Lost Auramancers or Academy Rector, or casting it for cheap thanks to our cost reducing creatures. The other parts are easy! Have an Arbor Elf out on the field, or one of our cost reducers enchanted by Nature's Chosen, and play Intruder Alarm. Untap your Forest + Spawning Grounds with Arbor Elf, then tap it again to make a 5/5 beast, and on ETB it will cause your Arbor Elf to untap. Repeat as necessary to make as many 5/5 beast tokens with trample as you want! Optional step - pray for no wrath the next turn. Then swing. Done!


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