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Blue Bird (Arclight Dredge) - Pioneer

Pioneer UBR (Grixis)



Inspired by the standard deck Trying a mill plan switch vs decks likely to bring in significant GY hate.

The main deck is pretty straight forward self-mill -> recur threats and kill them with creeping chill.

For sideboard games we have a few plans: - vs slow decks, we board into a mill deck to dodge Leyline and RIP. We keep phoenix in as our only threat just for planeswalker sniping duty. Originally I had crypt incursion in the side, but I don't think we really want to play mill vs creature matchups so I'm gonna try out Into the Story or possibly going back to 3x of jace and Ashiok.

  • vs creature decks with lifegain we board in one Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and one Aid the Fallen . The general plan is just to continue self-milling, but if we run into trouble racing them we have the backup plan of milling ourselves out with Jace. Mystic Sanctuary lets us put Aid the Fallen on top of our deck if we mill it, and Aid the Fallen lets us draw Jace from our graveyard.

  • vs Lotus decks, I found we are just way too slow to kill them so I'm going to try out Unmoored Ego and see if that's enough. I'm not sure if we want to be on the mill or beats plan vs them, but I suspect mill is better despite feeding their Dig Through Time. Grazer is a hella annoying card in terms of stalling.

  • vs red decks, we just race and hope creeping chill is enough. It's possible Aether Gust should find its way into the side somehow. Same with Mono Green Stompy type decks, we are fast enough with some judicious usage of unsummon to slow them down.

Deck still needs more testing, but focusing on modern right now. At worst, it's a really fun deck and can win an FNM :)


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