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A Chandra deck that's rotation proof.

I made this Chandra/Elemental deck because it seemed like M20 was pushing elemental tribal and the Chandras that were spoiled were just way too good. I chose mono-red partly because I love mono-red as a whole. It doesn't take as much strategizing as an azorius control deck (although if you do strategize, it'll be a whole lot better) and pretty much most red cards go good together (but not all of them), so you can really make any combination work. I know that gruul would've been a better choice but when I made a deck... it ended up being 75+ cards and I was at a stalemate trying to get rid of stuff. Anyway, enough with the useless ranting and on to the good stuff.

  • Chandra's Spitfire : A decent defender against flying that can be buffed when attacking/defending. It can also be triggered by Scorch Spitter 's ability to give it the +3/+0 before combat damage is dealt so you can hit for 4 damage in the air instead of 1. Also stacks with multiple Scorch Spitter s for more damage.
  • Runaway Steam-Kin : One of my favorite red cards. An easy way to hit hard then follow up with some cheap burn spells or more creatures. I was thrilled when I found out it wasn't rotating out.
  • Scorch Spitter : Your 1st turn creature that 'guarantees' 1 damage or 2 damage if unblocked. Only setback is that it doesn't have haste, so keep that in mind. I believe the ability for this creature doesn't target, so it's not effected by abilities like hexproof but I'm not entirely sure. If someone could confirm or deny this that'd be great.
  • Thunderkin Awakener : 2-drop 1/2 with haste that can revive Scorch Spitter for easy damage or Runaway Steam-Kin for mana if you play your cards right. Not a bad deal for 2 mana.
  • Chandra, Acolyte of Flame : My favorite Chandra planeswalker that was spoiled in the M20 set. It can help ult the main Chandra with it's 1st 0, or create 2 1/1 elementals with haste for fast and easy damage using the 2nd 0. The good thing about the created elementals is that there are multiple of them, so your opponents will have a harder time blocking the damage.
  • Chandra, Novice Pyromancer : Works really well with Chandra, Acolyte of Flame to make your created elementals disposable 3/1s with her +1. Can also be used as an engine or to deal damage.
  • Chandra, Fire Artisan : Good for card advantage and when combined with Chandra, Acolyte of Flame can be ulted faster, dealing 7 damage to whatever/whomever you choose.
  • Chandra's Regulator : One of the main focal points of this deck. Can be used in so many ways. Not only is it a way to filter cards for only one mana at instant speed, but you can make 4 5/1 elementals with haste for only 2 mana. 2 MANA! There are other things that you could do with them but I won't list them all or I would be here for quite some time, so I'll leave it to your imagination.
  • Icon of Ancestry : Good for pumping your elementals and can be acquired fairly early. It is also good card advantage later on. My replacement for Creeping Trailblazer , which I decided not to add.
  • Chandra's Triumph : A very good removal card that works kinda like a Lightning Strike although not quite, but it can turn out to be some massive damage if you have a Chandra on the battlefield. The 3 damage can remove quite a bit already, but the 5 damage can remove a lot more, including some of the lesser planeswalkers from the War of the Spark set (including the annoying Teferi, Time Raveler ).
  • Risk Factor : A really good card for card draw or damage that can be played twice.
  • Shock : A very good cheap removal burn spell for standard. I was very happy to see it get reprinted and a little disappointed to see that Lightning Strike didn't.

Things/People that helped me improve my deck:

  • Thanks a lot to Fiender for the wonderful help. Allowed me to improve my deck a lot.

Any advice is greatly accepted as this is a growing deck. Also please, don't forget to upvote (or feature it if you really really like it and want to support this deck). If you like this deck or any of the other decks I've made please follow me. It supports me alot. And if you use this deck as inspiration or want to modify this deck on your own account, make sure to put a link to this deck in your description if you want to publish it as it helps me greatly. I will be making more decks in the future so if you want to see an idea you have for a deck be made, let me know.

Side Note: If anyone knows of any other hubs for this deck, please let me know.

Credit also to Wihito for the custom card names. Refer to this deck.

This deck was made by BP. Refer to this profile.



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