This is my take on a casual, budget friendly goblin deck which harnesses the exploding goblins, and was heavily inspired by an excellent deck built by TheSurgeon which can be found here: Krenko's Kamikaze Posse.

The general theme of the deck is to produce a lot of disposable goblins like Goblin Arsonist and turn their inevitable deaths into damage through Goblin Grenade, Pashalik Mons, and Boggart Shenanigans, to name a few.

Alternatively, Krenko, Mob Boss and other token producers can yield a win through Massive Raid in game 2, if sideboard switches are made.

Interestingly, I find that a win can be achieved without engaging in actual combat; token sacrifices from Skirk Prospector used to fuel Pashalik Mons or Boggart Shenanigans' abilities, paired with direct damage from spells like Collateral Damage or Goblin Grenade can reduce an opponents health enough to win a game without need for conventional combat.

When playing, I aim to get Impact Tremors and Pashalik Mons into the battlefield as soon as possible, and then crank out tokens as quickly as possible to make the most of ETB/death triggers.

The sideboard isn't wildly creative; it merely offers budget-friendly draw in Dangerous Wager, as well as Massive Raid as an alternate win-con (see above), a few token producers to keep the game moving, and a couple mainboard duplicates to adjust ratios of played cards. By no means a perfect sideboard, but that's okay.

I tried to build this deck with budget considerations in mind, and believe that this deck is fairly intuitive to play, and is enjoyable by experts and new players alike.

Again, my thanks goes to TheSurgeon, whose excellent build inspired my own take on the theme.


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