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$20 Cycling Deck WINS on turn 3!? (infinite combo)

Legacy Budget Combo Discard Five Color Infinite Combo Mill



Don't let the multiple colors fool you, Fluctuator is colorless, So you can Still WIN on Turn 3!!! If you don't think it'll work, PLAYTEST it! For easy playtesting, drag from top of library into graveyard instead of hand.

Play Multiplayer or 1 Vs 1, you'll still win with Laboratory Maniac and beat all of your friends! Because of the high amount of life loss from the cycling cards, only 2 Gitaxian Probes, although winning with 4 life would be very hilarious.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. This deck Focuses on Fluctuator in order to cycle your deck until you hit an Island and Laboratory Maniac, then mill the rest of your deck out.. Due to the fact that I must mill myself out, I can only have about 8 non-cycling cards, (7 plus the 2 by turn 3. then subract 1 to keep at least 1 card to continue cycling and milling).

These cards are:

1x Island: in order to increase chances of playing Laboratory Maniac by turn 3.

4x Fluctuator : OBVIOUS

1x Laboratory Maniac: Win Condition

1 more card is available for suggestions! Please Help!

For turn 3 win:

Turn 1: Land

turn 2: Untapped land, cast Fluctuator

turn 3: cycle everything until you hit Laboratory Maniac, and an Island, play those cards, then continue milling yourself until nothing left. (note, the only way to disrupt this combo is to counter the spells, removal will not working since cycling can be done at instant speed and the player will lose before Laboratory Maniac can be removed).

What Makes this deck effective:

Cycling can be done at instant speed, so If an opponent decides to remove Fluctuator on turn 2, you can set yourself up to win on turn 3 by cycling early in response to that removal spell and have only 1 card on top of the deck. To win on turn 3, make sure to keep, an Island, Laboratory Maniac, and Street Wraith in hand. Therefore, when you draw that last card you can cast Laboratory Maniac on turn 3, and wait until you get to turn 4 or until an opponent casts a removal or has no open mana to discard Street Wraith and win at instant speed.

Why built a Fluctuator deck?

For one, its cheap and it requires about 100 mana for this deck to self mill, however, Fluctuator saves all of that mana required to cycle and will let you win by turn 3.

Street Wraith is surprisingly the single most expensive card in this deck ranging from around $1. Depending on how you play, you can replace these with Gitaxian Probe as it is around $0.50.

For those who want to build a different Fluctuator win con:

The original Idea for this deck was to mill about 20+ creatures from the deck on turn 2 with Fluctuator , then playing a Lotus Petal and casting Songs of the Damned and some other mana pump spells to win, (Consume Spirit) - HOWEVER, the combo was difficult because it was difficult to cycle with too many non-cycling spells that could get in the way. I put the possible win con cards in the maybeboard. Lotus Petal can be expensive for a budget deck.

Note worthy cards:

Street Wraith : free cycle and thins deck - Increasing chances for Fluctuator in opening hand.

Unearth : If Laboratory Maniac does somehow get into the graveyard.

Gitaxian Probe: free cycle and its nice to look at a hand, however, for this deck, its not as useful as Street Wraith because it is a sorcery. Also increases chances of Fluctuator in opening hand

Could you guys let me know if Gitaxian Probe is worth it? the life loss is a liability, and its a sorcery which is hard to cast. It also brings up the deck price by about $4.

Would Oboro, Palace in the Clouds be useful for this type of deck build? Its worth about $5


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