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Hidetsugu Shakedown (Ogre tribal!)

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an Ogre tribal mock-up upon seeing the spoiler of Shakedown Heavy. Suggestions welcome.

Stuff about this deck: This is a pretty straight-forward fair/value town deck intended for casual modern multiplayer. Not a ton of great choices in the tribe of Ogres, but we did get a few more possibilities along with Heavy in Streets of New Capenna.

Running 4x copies of Hidetsugu Consumes All   means no 1-drop permanents. (unless we gain advantage when they're destroyed, which could be ok, but not what I'm interested in with this deck) Our best option t1 is to scry with Temple of Malice or sometimes bolt an opponent's 1 drop. Without 1MV permanents, instants and sorceries are limited to discard, removal, pumps, unearth, and direct damage. Discard isn't great in multiplayer, and everything else is a bit aggressive T1 in most casual multiplayer matchups.

Ogre Sentry and Ogre-Head Helm hit T2 as blockers, with the Sentry having pump and card draw options for later. Metallic Mimic comes in as a third alternate that synergizes well with the deck. Mimic pays off the delay of casting our other blockers by giving them a permanent +1/+1 counter when we cast them the next turn.

Our primary spells are Shakedown Heavy and Hidetsugu Consumes All  . T3, we want to cast either of these spells every game. If we have both, Hidetsugu blasting 1-drops is probably better in many matchups. But the pressure from Shakedown on opponents draws us a lot of cards while still leaving us with a formidable mid-game blocker.

Body Launderer can help us retrieve from the graveyard and provides us a deathtouch blocker.

Wrecking Ogre can buff a Vessel of the All-Consuming   (transformed from Hidetsugu Consumes All  ) with the double strike adding a counter to the Vessel twice, or just hit the battlefield itself, being a decent candidate for equipping the Helm or as a target for our instant pumps.

Rush of Vitality gives some protection to our biggest targets for removal, along with a possible life gain.

Darkness is probably the weakest spell in the deck, but somewhat fitting in terms of mechanics. This deck is on the lighter side with creatures, so having a Fog allows more opportunities to swing for lethal with our threats.

7x decent removal spells in Terminate and Lightning Bolt.


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