Howdy, working on a mono black vamp deck that utilizes vampiric synergy and removal. It has been years since I’ve built a deck, and I’ve never been this serious about it so I greatly appreciate any input y’all might have. Let’s make these sexy vampires even sexier.


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I’m gonna roll with this general setup up for now. I will probably tweak smaller things like whether I want more Gatekeepers of Malakir or Gifted Aetherborns, but overall I’m happy with how this is performing at the moment. I will add another Imperious Sorin once I can get my hands on it. Utility lands will come in somewhere down the line as will Khalitas, Traitor if Ghet. I also can’t wait to see how Infernal Grasp will work, but I imagine it will fit in seamlessly. Thank you all for your help in polishing this deck up. Of course, I am perpetually open to suggestions. -J. Darlin


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