How to survive 4 or more people in a multiplayer? Cast bigger spells than them.

This deck has been molded over the past several months. After many tweaks, I have more or less the optimal list now.

Wincon: Cast Conflux with this you will want to fetch Avacyn, Angel of Hope Plague Wind Praetor's Counsel Omniscience Sunbird's Invocation. Cast Omniscience into Sunbird's Invocation then empty your hand meanwhile you will stack the triggers and hopefully get fun stuff. Lastly cast Praetor's Counsel then you can use Conflux to resupply your hand and hopefully swing for the win. If not, use Time Stretch to get those extra turns so you can win.

Perfect game: Turn 1 play Burgeoning then lay the other 3 lands from your starting hand. Turn 2 cast your commander Jodah, Archmage Eternal Turn 3 play Conflux to go find your goodies Turn 4 play Omniscience and win!

The rest of the deck is designed to help find a way to stall the game long enough for you to win. If you can't have that perfect game, you will need serious help in stalling (as I always have a target on my back) so cards like Privileged Position and Kira, Great Glass-Spinner will help to protect Jodah, Archmage Eternal long enough for you to abuse some spells.

Have Fun!


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