Knight of Grace


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Knight of Grace

Creature — Human Knight

First Strike

Hexproof from Black (This creature can't be the target of black spells or abilities your opponents control.)

Knight of Grace gets +1/+0 as long as any player controls a black permanent.

Knight of Grace Discussion

Futuremonk on Paradise Bogles

1 month ago

Nice! I've been playing with a similar idea. Adanto Vanguard works pretty well as an honorary second bogle. I also recommend Knight of Grace for the sideboard. You can see my list here: Bogle Dorks.

CalmChip on Mardu Control

1 month ago

chancypants Glad I was of some help! Lately I have tried many different iteration of this deck, some way into control/superfriend thematic, other way more towards the true Midrange archetype. Sadly, I have found that Mardu in the current formats lacks 2 drops and 3 drops that are resilient enough to be of any value in a Midrange deck. In the whole format, the only 2 threat in these colors that are resilient enough are Gideon Blackblade and Rekindling Phoenix . The only creature resilient enough in the format at CMC 2 is Knight of Grace . This creature is hard to deal with for control decks (Esper, Grixis and Dimir) without using their sweepers.

The reason I didn't include Kaya's Wrath is the mana incentive of BBWW, though this is not a decision made by logic, more by feeling. I personally don't really like Ritual of Soot in the main deck, it is a dead card against Control, combo and Midrange to some extent.

Aside from the Midrange archetypes, Control is not currently a viable options due to high amount of counter spell in control decks and the speed of Red Deck wins. Also, Mardu has no reliable way to draw that does not reduce your life total dramatically, which no decks can do due to Red Deck wins amount of burn.

Sadly, I start to believe that RDW is way to strong in the current format and limits the number of deck that one can play in a competitive matter. I also believe that my opinion is validated by the most recent major tournament (3 RDW in the Top 4). Basically, this decks prevents anyone from using their life total as a ressources since they can easily do 10+ damage in burn damage on turn 3-4, it also prevents any card draw that cost life (99% of black draw spell). Sorry bout this little rant, I just don't get why WotC didn't give us a way to survive a turn 3 win by RDW.

fearfactor19 on Lyra Dawnbringer

1 month ago

Update, Took out Knight of Grace and replaced it with Parhelion II

mtwoods444 on Selesnya Knights

2 months ago

Cool deck! What do you think about replacing Join Shields with Make a Stand ? It's cheaper and still gives your creatures indestructible. Also, Knight of Grace might be a cool knight to consider.

FastIsFaster on

4 months ago

I would recommend more Mortify , maybe for the MB but certainly for SB at least. The ability to hit opposing enchantments ( Seal Away , Ixalan's Binding , Conclave Tribunal , History of Benalia , The Eldest Reborn , Search for Azcanta  Flip) gives you a way to deal with some of the most powerful cards in the format. Additionally it allows you to hit non-legendary creatures for only 1 more mana than Cast Down .

Tithe Taker and Tocatli Honor Guard are probably ideal SB swaps for Knight of Grace against control and G/B respectively.

Consecrate//Consume or The Eldest Reborn give you some options against Carnage Tyrant .

Given how many creatures you have, you should be able to get damage in early in almost every matchup, so you could do something like Drill Bit , and even if you didn't Duress is always a safe card.

FullmetalWes on Mardu Angels

4 months ago

In that case you could even run Knight of Grace and/or Knight of Malice since they're really great two-drops. I like Imperious Oligarch a lot too! Hope I'm able to help :)

JeppeFugl on Victory or Death ~ Mardu Midrange

5 months ago

Zimmers_0 Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not a huge fan of Font of agonies in the sideboard. The games where you want to sideboard Font in, are the games we sideboard out the pieces that enable it. If I were to play card:Font of agonies it would be with Doom Whisperer and the rest you suggested, but that is a different deck. Wouldn't replace Aurelia unless it's for another 4 drop. Need to consider the curve.

PeachSchnaawps Thanks for the comment! Regarding Bo1 I dont have a good answer since I mainly expect to be playing this traditionally. However if I were to play this in bo1 I would look to change Adanto with something else. Linear aggressive decks are heavily played in Bo1 and Adanto is really bad against those strategies. You could also change Kaya's Wrath with Vraska Contempt to make up for a worse control matchup without Adanto. So I suggest changing Adanto with lets say Knight of Grace (it's fine versus aggressive decks and Golgari) or Tocatli Honor Guard main again (the free wins versus Golgari is nice). Not sure if I would take out Kaya's Wrath for Deafening Clarion unless it's tokens or mono red everywhere. Being able to take down Niv Mizzet og Carnage Tyrant is still valueable.

Theater of Horrors Seems a tad bit too slow for the maindeck. Getting some card advantage was one of the problems for Boros Angels (also why they dipped into Jeskai), and cutting the Resplendent Angel's for something like midnight Reaper should help mediate that. Also I might go back to Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip if the new card doesn't work out.

Thanks again for the comment! Love some suggestion and spitballing ideas. Let me know if you have more questions. I try to tune my newest decks each week so be sure to check back at any time :)

Hexaflexagon on Baneslayer

5 months ago

Hey man! Nice deck. I'm trying a similar concept to you in Standard currently. Have you considered Adanto Vanguard over Knight of Grace and Drover of the Mighty instead of Llanowar Elves? With Adanto Vanguard out on the field, you can cast Deafening Clarion, choosing both modes, and have the Vanguard gain indestructible. You then get a board wipe, three damage to your opponent and a creature still out on the battlefield, all for one life and three mana. As for the Drover, it goes well with that Carnage Tyrant in the sideboard and it helps you mana fix, allowing you to get out Resplendent Angel and Lyra with only one white mana land, making your deck much more consistent. Just my thoughts.

Good Luck,


Selesnya Standard Midrange

Standard* Hexaflexagon


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Knight of Grace occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.11%