Built with tips from a user on my old lifegain deck.

Im dividing them into three categories : Life-gainers, Blockers, and Growers For the first category, we have:

they'll consistently keep giving you life, as almost half of this deck is composed by creatures.

As for blockers:

I think Wall of Reverence is the one you want to keep arround longer, just by the fact that we have only one in the deck, but sheep dude is disposable, sure, its nice to gain 1 life at upkeep (specially with growers on field) and even growing him with Serene Steward and hitting with a 5/10 creature (since he isn't a blocker PER SE) ... aah you know what, just take the damage, you'll be fine i promise. I swear i've trown more Soulmenders in the trash blocking than i can count.


Sit back and enjoy the show as these creatures pretty much grow by themselves once you've got a few life-givers on the battlefield.

Well, technically ..._ every creature is a wincon if you've got the time to buff them with Steward Little but for real :

  • Serene Steward - buff, i usually use it on himself until he's at least 5/5, but doubling up on Ajani is really good aswell
  • Ajani's Pridemate - purrfect
  • Chalice of Death - self explanatory
  • Wall of Reverence - not sure if i should put him here, since alone he don't do shit, but i really love this card.

Thank You

For reading, consider giving this a +1, and any tips are welcome!

For a even more budget version, i think Oblivion Ring could be replaced by Pacifism or Recumbent Bliss and Wall of Reverence isn't all that necessary, so replacing it with another Nyx-Fleece Ram might be good.


Updates Add

Against a Mono-Green trample deck.

Lost on my first two outta plain stupidity and bad luck, choosing to keep a bad hand and drawing no creatures whatsoever. Then keeping a hand with only one land thinking (well, there are twenty land cards on the deck so no worries (there were worries on T4).

Had Chalice of Life  Flip and Prism Ring out on four of the five matches but kept getting Return to Nature'd and Naturalize'd, really made me wish for a Mana Tithe so im putting it on the sideboard from now on.

Got a beautiful synergy with Nyx-Fleece Ram, Serene Steward and Wall of Reverence on pretty much every match, while Ajani's Pridemate was nowhere to be seen.

FIRST MATCH - Had 3 Soul Warden on field; - Died to trample; - Found out Brave the Elements does not protect me from trample.

SECOND MATCH - Opponent had insane ramp and was able to drop a big trampy creature on T4, not much i could do but take 7 to the face for three turns.

THIRD MATCH - Turn 1 Prism Ring is lovely - Turn 2 Serene Steward followed by 2 Nyx-Fleece Ram on the subsequential turns really helped me, awesome creatures to hold some damage on the first turns where the trample wasen't so bad - Ended up winning with a highly buffed Steward, although i cant remember the turn

FOURTH MATCH - Having Ordeal of Heliod, Soul Warden and a Pridesmate on my opening hand was really nice, things got flowing and at some point i got to flip Chalice of Life  Flip only for it to be destroyed next turn D: - Kill hit with Ajani's Pridemate

FIFTH MATCH - Don't really remeber much about it, but ended up with a 7/7 Suture Priest and got to actually actvate Chalice of Death for the kill hit.

Sorry for the long update, i was really exited to play against people i dont usually play with so i dont remember much of the details.

Magic is awesome.


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