Vampires sneaking through using spells to make it difficult to block or to kill. Theses vampires are perfect infiltrators and feast on their prey's blood!

Synergy:Bloodline Keeper  Flip + Shadow Alley Denizen = intimidate for 1 creature per turn. Also, adding a 2/2 black vampire with flying.

Madcap Skills + Markov Blademaster = a 4/1 doublestriker who has to get blocked by multiple creatures or gets through to deal a whopping 9 damage in just 1 swing. Afterwards becomming a 6/3 doublestriker!

Stromkirk Captain + Vampire Nighthawk a firststrike/deathtouch creature that will kill a creature before it deals damage. Not to mention giving me 3 life for doing so!

making it hard to block: Volcanic Strength , Madcap Skills , Shadow Alley Denizen , Mugging And in the maybe Crippling Blight , Nightbird's Clutches , and Mark for Death

Suggestions? I am looking to see if direct damage spells can be replace with my creatures inability of being blocked. Wondering if anyone thinks this is a good or bad idea. LET ME KNOW! And with that, I will look at your decks and let you know what I think as well! Thanks!


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added Crippling Blight To aid in having creatures not be able to block. Thinking of replacing Mugging. Going to do some play testing to figure it out. On the flipside, I need to drop 4 cards! Haven't figured out what yet, but it will be a challenge


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