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This is my take on Mono-Black Discard for Standard. Well it was, I replaced Drainpipe Vermin with Deathrite Shaman because of dat synergy. I have been editing my deck a lot and just proxied this version so i can playtest and make changes. Since i have to buy all those dual-lands to make Deathrite work correctly so i will probably use Drainpipe when it's time to buy the cards for FNM. Suggestions and criticism, please. Also upvote.

Edit: Moved Deathrite Shaman to Maybeboard because i don't have money for dual lands if i'm buying Liliana of the Veil. So this is what i will be bringing to FNM. Still needs a few tweaks, i'm pretty set on my creature base right now, just deciding if i want card draw in Mainboard or not. Not a lot of room really.

Edit: I just discovered Triumph of Cruelty , put it in maybeboard. Lol if i could get this and Shrieking Affliction on someone there will be tears.


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