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Standard Monoblack Trisk' Tree

Standard Burn Combo Mono-Black



The deck uses the Tree of perdition for the win.

There are 2 ways of winning: combo with Triskaidekaphobia (set opponent to 13, Trigger Trisk') or reanimate the Tree with Soul Separator, and set the opponent to 1 thanks to the spirit part of the tree. Then you finish him/her off with Gonti's machinations (3), Alms of the Vein (3), Painful lessons (2, yes, on opponent...) or Collective brutality (2).

In a weird way, it is also possible to blast your opponent down to 14-13 and play a Trisk'. There are enough dark blasts to perform 7 damage points (15!)...

Liliana can kill small creatures or bring back the tree.Machinations can set your life if needed to avoid an autokill.Of course you can discard the tree with Collective Brutality or Geier's Reach Sanitarium

I added the Aether Hubs to provide one point of energy if needed for Gonti's Machinations. But getting hit is fine enough too !


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