After I first got into magic, lifegain was always my personal favorite mechanic. I bought a lifegain deck filled with 4, 5, and 6 mana cards because they were "good" theory. After playing in my first modern night in my LGS I realized how fast the Modern format is. After about two years of just exploring white cards and interchanging stuff out and in I think i found a good balance of lifegain and speed. Let me know what you think and what kind of cards/sideboard option i can add or think about.


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While testing this deck out I joined a discord where the card Immortal servitude was mentioned to me...with some testing, ive come to realise that in this deck, immortal servitude works way better than Proclamation of rebirth. While PoR is only 3 mana, it only brings back 3 1cmc creatures....whereas Immortal Servitude for 4cmc I get ALL my 1cmc creatures. The best part of it is that i can bring other stuff as well and not just stuck with 1cmc creatures. Overall it seems like that will be a mainstay. Nykthos was fun but super useless and emeria was slow as all hell, ghost quarter seems like the perfect fit(until hopefully they give white some love with throne of eldraine and give us some better lands)



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