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Modern Naya Blitz



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I really love Naya decks, sadly wizards likes to ban everything that makes Naya good (most recently Bloodbraid Elf ). But luckily Naya has sen a lot of play in many forms in standard, I am not much of a standard player, but I do like modern.

The Primary change I would like to make is to change the Rootbound Crag s for Verdant Catacombs , hopefully negating the life loss with Lightning Helix . I think I need more white sources and humans, but I still need to do a lot of testing.

Any input is appreciated.

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$323.38 $468.69 $824.59
Date added 9 months
Last updated 9 months
Legal formats Commander / EDH, Legacy, Modern, Vintage
Cards 60
Avg. CMC 1.77

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