Legacy treefolk/shaman deck, I am trying to prove that treefolk can be a viable and competitive legacy option. May not be the cheapest or easiest to build but this deck currently runs very smoothly. Note; I currently am saving up for bayou and savannah and am currently using the shock land versions of those two. I also need to save up for the fetch lands

For 1 drops have birds of paradise and treefolk harbinger to get the ball rolling early in my favor, as well as swords to plowshares to remove opposing threats, and then deathrite shaman which can do either of those. When playing treefolk harbinger I pretty always fetch out leaf crowned elder unless it is already in my hand to help accelerate my playing as much as possible.

2 drops you got bosk banneret for some mana romp to get big threats like timber protector or sapling of colfenor out earlier.

I have also added a fair bit of control in Swords. go for the throat, unmake, and maelstrom pulse to thin the opposing field so my big guys can break through.

Side board is some extra control and some graveyard hate to combat reanimators

Overall I love this deck, this was one of the first deck I ever built(it was nowhere near as good then as it is now) so it holds a special place in my heart and I want to prove how good this deck can be so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



Added a set of deathrite shaman's to combat reanimator decks as well as some additional mana acceleration. Also added fetchlands because I am quickly realizing they are pretty necessary to be competitive for legacy. I am also currently working on changing the shocklands I currently have for a set of ABUR dual lands.


I like just about any tribal deck, but Treefolk are one of my favorites. I'm definitely interested to see how well this plays, because I've never seen a Treefolk build with so much put into it like this one. Thanks for posting! +1 :D

October 3, 2013 6:13 a.m.


It means a lot to heat that because this deck is truly my baby, it was my first deck I really got into making and was the first deck in played competitively. I really want this deck to really competitive in the legacy scene but it is a very expensive task. And because of that it will probably never be able to be exactly this (unless I win the lottery or something). But as it stands now it works incredibly well and consistently. Still struggles against control but other then that it is a very powerful deck and my friends hate me for it.

October 3, 2013 6:17 p.m.

locopyro says... #3

I have a similar deck if you want to check it out.

I use 2x Mirri's Guile to filter for my Leaf-Crowned Elder.

Always have trouble with token decks or pillow forts so have included Profane Command and Overrun as finishers.

I utilize Nameless Inversion and Lignify as removal since it counts as a treefolk for Elder's draw.

Found Doran to be too hard to cast on turn 3 so I have Dauntless Dourbark as a 4 drop.

If you are having issues with control as you mentioned I use Vines of Vastwood.

April 7, 2016 6:09 p.m.

cgomes says... #4

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your list: Cage + Leyline in the sb seems too much, and Leyline is better than cage in legacy. I would cut all cages and either add another hate cards (this is meta dependent but leyline of sancicity is prob a good choice, as you splash white) or 2-3 helms of obedience to combo with leyline of the void for a transformational sb. Also, you don't need grip if you have decay, and 3-4 copies of abrupt decay is a must in any BGx deck (I always play 4). Hymn & thoughtseize >> Gerrard's verdict, so I suggest cutting the latter and increasing copies of the former (if you are concerned with life totals, add inquisition of kozilek instead of thoughtseize). Similarly, vindicate is way better than pulse (cut the later). Mindbreak trap is too narrow. Hate bears (e.g., thalia, canonist) are probably a better option. I also like golgari charm in the sb quite a lot. It's good against elves, goblins, DnT, and enchantress (I will often side them in against storm, too, as it deals with empty the warrens when I have my leyline out). Anyway, just a few suggestions. Good luck on your future games!

May 31, 2016 5:38 p.m.

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