Do you like 5/5s for 2 and drawing 4 per draw step? Then this deck is for you!

(Stay tuned for my similar deck that I played for the upcoming episode of Time to Duel)

This deck is built to abuse Ghirapur Orrery. Now, there are so many other cards that care if we're empty-handed that it's hard to pass it up, so we will be playing somewhere between the speeds of aggro and midrange, and at some point we will get an Orrery and win through the insurmountable card advantage that we will gain.

So, how do we get hellbent? Well, the easiest way is to play a bunch of cards. That's not fast enough. So instead we'll discard cards to one of several outlets:

  • Nahiri's Wrath : Kill all the stuff, dump all the hands. Profit.
  • Olivia's Dragoon: Discard your hand with no additional cost! We also have the option to discard fewer than all of our cards, of course.
  • Bomat Courier: For , discard your hand. If we also opt to attack we can get a few cards back or gain advantage later in the game.
  • Haunted Dead , Key to the City, Heir of Falkenrath  Flip : "Single-use" discard outlets. Solid cards on their own, and get you one closer to optimal hand size of zero. Also note that Key to the City can deal with card selection issues if you're running without gas.
  • Geier Reach Sanitarium: It's a land, a mana sink, and a discard outlet. Use on your opponent's end step for value or to turn on madness.

So, we're discarding all of our cards. We don't want to just waste everything, so we'll use madness to prevent some card disadvantage.

  • Fiery Temper: Lightning Bolt in standard. Enough said.
  • Cryptbreaker: I've listed this as a madness card because in reality it's the same: you spend mana on a discard to not lose that card. It can also be treated as a discard outlet and can draw cards if we're stuck. Very versatile.

Now that we're all empty-handed, we need lots of payoff to not get ruined by being out of gas.

  • Ghirapur Orrery: The core of the deck. This massive source of card advantage will often end the game; in testing I have not lost a game where this has stayed in play. As with most "symmetrical" effects, we will abuse this better than our opponent.
  • Lupine Prototype: This guy is just insane. If you're not on a budget, it's also good for crewing Smuggler's Copter if you have any cards in hand.

So, that's basically the core of the deck. Some other things to note:


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