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Just a few ideas. I have to test it and straighten out the balance in the deck. Also, some ideas for the deck would also be awesome.
The main idea of the deck is aggro that is hard to control. With a lot of my creatures come back after dying, and my instants make it hard to remove my creatures.



pizzadevourer says... #1

I would suggest sideboarding the Elite InquisitorMTG Card: Elite Inquisitors. Consider subbing-in some:

Also, some tried and true cards for this sort of deck: Honor of the PureMTG Card: Honor of the Pure, Oblivion RingMTG Card: Oblivion Ring, and Gather the TownsfolkMTG Card: Gather the Townsfolk.

I'd be dropping any of the Instants you have listed (except Midnight HauntingMTG Card: Midnight Haunting) for these.

Break of DayMTG Card: Break of Day would be better bang for your buck than Rally the PeasantsMTG Card: Rally the Peasants as it costs one less to cast and while you won't be hitting quite as hard, your humans will be much more likely to survive the attack.

Another thought - if you intend to be really aggressive with your attacking, consider some Village Bell-RingerMTG Card: Village Bell-Ringers to flash into play and untap all the creatures you attacked with prev. turn - always a fun surprise!

I think you have a good start at an agressive humans deck.

If you got your hands on a couple Mikaeus, the LunarchMTG Card: Mikaeus, the Lunarchs, he does what Gavony TownshipMTG Card: Gavony Township does, but much more efficiently (at which point you may want to consider mono-white).

I'm also personally a fan of Butcher's CleaverMTG Card: Butcher's Cleavers and Avacyn's CollarMTG Card: Avacyn's Collars in humans decks, but not everyone likes them .

Hopefully I've given you some ideas on how to make this more aggressive. Best thing to do is play it, play it, play it and see what works for you.

April 12, 2012 3:15 a.m.

JamesKrell says... #2

Thanks for the advice. The one thing I didn't say in the description is that the green I splashed is for preventing control. If someone slagstorm, shocks, or incinerates one of my 2/2 creatures, I can hit them with Mutagenic Growth. IF someone tries to land a kill card, doomblade and the like, reacting with Withstand Death will keep them alive. That's also why I'm running stuff like Loyal Cathar, and Doomed Traveler, burning a kill-card on them is not as useful. Avacyn's collar might be a good idea. The one reason I would question using it is because I already have trouble with my creature base not being big enough. I still have to test this deck to see how well it will run.

April 12, 2012 10:30 a.m.

pizzadevourer says... #3

Ah, I see now what you're aiming for. In that case, if you still find you are wanting more creatures out, here's a couple more ideas for you:

Also, consider trading out your two Skillful LungeMTG Card: Skillful Lunges for two more Mutagenic GrowthMTG Card: Mutagenic Growths - SL costs 2 for +2/+0 First Strike but MG costs 1 (or 2 life) for +2/+2; the Phyrexian mana is very flexible and the +2 toughness will often be enough for a typical human to survive something it can call without needing the First Strike.

April 14, 2012 2:11 a.m.

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