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For Those With an Affinity for Money

Modern* Aggro Artifact Budget UR (Izzet)



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The goal of this deck is to pop out a bunch of artifacts and kill your opponent with enlarged creatures! This deck is a pretty standard affinity deck that has been build for those without $60 to drop on a Mox Opal.

This deck uses the Darksteel Citadel + Ensoul Artifact combo. You can also pop Ensoul Artifact on any of the artifacts. a

5/5 lifelink flyer turn 2 (Ensoul Artifact + Vault Skirge ) is always nice!

Any suggestions you have will be very helpful! However, please keep in mind that this is a budget deck and I have little money. That is why the land base is poor.

The Stubborn Denial has literally won me games. Show it once and your opponent will have to play around the possibility of you having it.

After some play-testing on tapped out I found that this deck can put out a win consistently on turn 5. Any suggestions to make that faster are welcome!

+1 if you like!

One word of warning: Vault Skirge does not equip to Ghostfire Blade for 1 because Vault Skirge is technically black and not colorless.


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