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Trying to make a modern Enchantress deck. Not sure where to take it.



Rustria says... #1

TL;DR - Two types of enchantress (midrange or control) with examples of cards. Plus specific critique.

I have not researched modern decks exclusively so I cannot say all my information is accurate. I do have experience playing with and against enchantress when it was a tier 2 or 3 deck in standard.

There are two directions to take enchantress: midrange or grindy control. Midrange enchantress focuses on playing enchantments until you land a Kor Spiritdancer or Aura Gnarlid for good beats. This deck will have more creature pump focuses enchantments. Grindy control sets up cards like Ghostly Prison , Rule of Law , and Worship to stall the game while Mesa Enchantress , Verduran Enchantress , and Kor Spiritdancer draw cards. The win condition is typically Sigil of the Empty Throne or a big Kor Spiritdancer .

Midrange: Enchantments like Spirit Mantle , Ethereal Armor , Rancor , Shield of the Oversoul , and Armadillo Cloak are used to pump both Aura Gnarlid and Kor Spiritdancer . Armored Ascension is a good card if you choose to play a mostly white version of the deck. Auratog is also a good consideration for this deck, especially if Retether is included. Sacrifice all the auras for an alpha strike and then put them all back onto the Auratog or Aura Gnarlid . Creature protection enchantments like Hyena Umbra , Spirit Mantle , and Canopy Cover are good for your beaters. Wind Zendikon can be used for the lolz. Prison Term and Crystallization serve as good pieces of removal for this deck because they both will trigger the Kor Spiritdancer 's draw ability and Aura Gnarlid 's pump ability. Abundant Growth can be used as a cheap cantrip; similarly, Spreading Seas is a necessary disruption card against Jund and 3-4 copies must find their way into the 75 in you expect Jund or another color intensive deck. Greater Auramancy is not the best choice of card in this deck due to the constant enchanting of creatures. Shroud will not allow more than one enchantment to be put onto a creature. This deck can get away with between 21-24 lands depending on the amount of cantrip enchantments and colors used.

December 4, 2012 7:20 p.m.

Rustria says... #2

Grindy control: Enchantments like Worship , Ghostly Prison , Story Circle , Pariah , Runed Halo , and Greater Auramancy are used to stall the game while drawing cards with the aforementioned Mesa Enchantress and Verduran Enchantress . Your win condition, as mentioned earlier, is mostly Sigil of the Empty Throne . After stalling your opponent's creatures, you can start pumping out angels at a constant rate. Greater Auramancy is necessary in this deck due to its reliance on the damage prevention enchantments. Enchanted Evening might help in some corner cases; especially if a singleton Sphere of Safety is included. Wheel of Sun and Moon definitely helps the grindy part of the game, while also allowing you to destroy graveyard-based strategies. This deck should include maybe a Dawn Charm or two to prevent a preemptive alpha strike or if the opponent can destroy Ghostly Prison at an inconvenient time. Also Ethereal Armor is necessary as a surprise win route. When you are only churning out one angel a turn because of poor top decks, an Ethereal Armor can pull the win out of nowhere. Spreading Seas and other land denial can be useful in stalling the game also. Spreading Seas should have at least 2 mainboard and the other 2 in the sideboard, considering this is the grindy control matchup. Because this deck doesn't want to multi-enchant creatures, shroud is okay in this deck. Go ahead and use protective enchantments like Aspect of Mongoose , Canopy Cover , or Shielding Plax to protect your enchantresses.

Of course there is a lot of overlap between these two decks. Oblivion Ring should be prominently featured in both, along with Path to Exile as the best removal spells. The other overlaps are mentioned previously.

With your deck specifically, you are 4 cards short. I recommend those to be Mesa Enchantress . Also the Terramorphic Expanse s bother me due to the lack of different basic lands to fetch and the other fetchlands which find Plains exclusively. That is a personal choice; it does effect the tempo though. Something to consider, I guess.

That's my two pence.

December 4, 2012 7:21 p.m.

Rustria says... #3

The post was too long so I had to break it into two parts haha

December 4, 2012 7:22 p.m.

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