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Don't block, it won't matter anyway!

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Check it! Someone asked me to build a Thorn Elemental throw back deck from 7th Edition! Thorn Elemental is such sweet card anyway I hade to make it better! What makes it better? How about 20 unblockable damage? What beats this many practically unblockable creatures? Check it out! Comments? Recommendations? Upvotes!



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This deck is Casual legal.

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+2 Rhox main
-1 Gorilla Chieftain main
+2 Tornado Elemental main
+22 Forest main
+2 Werebear main
-4 Grizzly Bears main
+2 Rishkar's Expertise main
-1 Spined Wurm main
+1 Siege Behemoth main
-2 Creeping Mold main
-1 Feral Hydra main
+1 Oracle of Nectars main
-2 Llanowar Elves main