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Cycle and Think




A controlling Cycle Deck!

Im looking forward to my first FnM and im going to bring this Deck. Its designed to control the Board during the early Turns with Sweltering Suns and all the nice Burn Spells.The Cards that cycle are pretty much the standard but i chose the pay-off cards (Haven, Faith, Archfiend) in a way, so that Lost legacy wont destroy the Deck completly.Curious Homunculus is very good in this Deck since it will flip Most of the time because of your cycled cards and it will survive a sweltering Suns and then bash the face for 4.I added 1 copy of cut to ribbons for extra removal and to have a little more reach in the endgame.The main weakness of the Deck is, that it is really slow and i think Barals Expertise can solve that to a certain extend.

I hope that you try and enjoy this Deck.


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