"You will pay, Rather in coin or blood, debts are always collected."

If you like this deck feel free to +1 it, and leave a comment. I always like hearing opinions!

Okay People, I sat down today and thought real hard how to make this thing really nasty. I thought over some suggestions and put together some with my own and came up with this list.

This deck was hard to deal with before, but sometimes late game you felt like you would get wiped, but yet be able to come back, but not always.

I thought to fix that with something. The deck is still the same mostly, except I took it to the next level of aggro for it. I am making it where it hits hard every turn potentially. All the sac is there how you could easily win before. It just allows you to be faster or change pace if they are controlling you a bit. Red brought the deck to a whole new level.

The Falkenrath Aristocrat being like this decks Hellrider or ThunderMaw if you will.

The Boros chrams help me survive board wipes like Supreme Verdict and/or allows me that last bit of damage to the face, or giving my Aristocrat double strike.



I will put the few changes I made over all later. I was doing really well just ended up getting a string of bad hands in the end. All in all I am impressed.
Yup Placed first again against a rather large crowd. It is awesome
Well once again this deck goes all the way to the end and gets 1st. My friend Piloted it last night as I tried out a brand new deck. The only thing to keep up to it was a Super fast Green/White Human deck. Bonfire was a saving grace.

Okay I finally had time to sit down and look at the new set and make edits as I saw fit. I must say, the new set did not impress me. It didn't have much for the main decks I run. It did give me some ideas for new decks and to revist some old designs. I will add some here as I build them. My next project is R/U/W Superfriends.

ANYWAY back to the deck! I SB the Boros Charm and added in more removal. I took and did a 2/2 split with Victim of Night and Dreadbore I added in the new 2/1 zombie for dead hands and SB Knight of Infamy for certain match-ups seeing how white will become a common color again. I am thinking of making it 4 Knights instead of 2.

I took out the Sacred and added 2 more basics to hit the swamps needed. I have yet to play test the new changes, but they should hopfully help me here. I need to go back through the new set and look at the Black for the new removal. ( I barley Glanced over the set for being disappointed. Granted it is a support set for the first two of the block) Tell me what you think. As always input is greatly welcomed.


isdatyu says... #1

any answer to Blood Baron of Vizkopa ?

June 24, 2013 5:42 a.m.

ObsReq says... #2


I'm sort of new to magic but am really interested in the idea around your deck. I have a question though. How does this deck reach the same sort of power as other Aristocrats decks I've seen without having as many Humans to fuel the Falkenrath Aristocrat sacs? Also, many of those decks featured Skirsdag High Priest . Any reason these aren't in your list? I guess what I'm asking for is a brief description of the goals of this deck and how it wins so much!


June 29, 2013 7:38 p.m.

isdatyu says... #3

Act of Treason or some sort just to battle Blood Baron of Vizkopa

July 8, 2013 8:58 p.m.

Kinetik615 says... #4

or Mark of Mutiny i won two matches at fnm last fri with it lol steal thragtusk swing 6 sack creature get token =winning. (also hit a voice of resurgence with it, very fun)

July 9, 2013 10:33 a.m.

dhoard1320 says... #5

You have been to 10 PTQ's with this deck? Do you mind tellig me how you did and what were your rough matchups because i am going to participate in a PTQ in Georgia and am considering thks list for it or taking my own list BRW Control. Do you mind giving a look over that list an tell me what you think. Thanks

July 14, 2013 10:32 p.m.

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