Bant Divine Board-lock

Legacy G/W/U (Bant)

Cornwater Score: 3


A deck that turtles, attempts to lock the board down, then when it goes on the offensive, it dominates with large angels and angel tokens, preferably of the indestructible variety.


Played around further with the build, for better or worse, hard to tell as of yet.

So, I believe this to be the very last of what this deck will be for quite some time. The only thing that could really change it up is old school dual lands. Other than that, this is the finished product. If anyone has any suggestions for changes, please feel free. I check this deck daily, and would love to hear feedback on it and to discuss anything about it.

Dropped a Bridge for the Arbiter. Sideboarding the 4th. Since I believe the Mainboard is at, or nearing, it's finale, I need to start looking into a good sideboard.

Deck has been legacy play tested. Beat legacy Fairies, NO RUG, but lost to junk stoneblade.

So, a great change to the deck has went underway, and with the new Avacyn restored coming out, I am going to drop Emrakul and Progenitus in favor of a couple of the new angels from the set, as these angels will be more for support and less for any win condition. Far different on what could be added to the deck to help it, while keeping the playstyle the same.

With the addition of Defense of the Heart (along with the two fatties), and the Forbidden orchards, I don't know how much further i can go with this deck other than going for fetches and old school duals. It is no longer creatureless, but, hey, You do what you can for win conditions when you have to.

This deck has changed a lot since it's beginning. Most notably is the addition of a new, and most welcome, color to the build, Green. For now, the build will stay void of all creature spells, and will stay Legacy legal from now on, no sol rings. The purpose of the build will stay the same, to stall til tokens can be spammed with Luminarch Ascension. Though, with the addition of green, there are more options, such as the possible inclusion of Beastmaster Ascension. If anyone has a good win condition that would work along with a completely enchantment deck of these colors, with the base cards (such as Ghostly prison and Propaganda) intact in the build, Please comment. I will respond to your comments as soon as possible.


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This deck is Legacy legal.

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Tokens 1/1 Spirit, 3/3 Beast, 4/4 Angel, 1/1 Soldier, Elspeth
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