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933745849922 Power and 933745849922 Toughness

Casual Combo RG (Gruul)



Have you reached turn 10 and been disappointed by the fact that you don't control a 10000/10000 with double strike and trample? What about 933745849922/933745849922 (nine hundred thirty-three billion seven hundred forty-five million eight hundred forty-nine thousand nine hundred twenty-two) stats? How? Here is a wonderful demonstration!

Turn 1: Forest Exploration mountain

Turn 2: Forest Mountain Hordeling Outburst

Turn 3: Forest Doubling Season

Turn 4: Scatter the Seeds. You now have 6 Saprolings and 3 Goblins

Turn 5: Mycoloth devouring all your creatures to buff him 36 times

Turn 6: Gain 72 Saprolings from Mycoloth Then summon Mycoloth devouring 72 saprolings, you now have a 292/292 Mycoloth making 584 Saprolings along with another Mycoloth making 72...

Turn 7: Gain 584 Saprolings from the Mycoloth's then Thromok the Insatiable devouring all 584 of them. You have an 682112/682112.

Turn 8: Gain 584 Saprolings and then Fungal Sprouting, gaining 682112 Saprolings. You now have 682696 Saprolings...

Turn 10: Gain 584 Saprolings then Summon another Thromok the Insatiable devouring all your saprolings and the other weak Thromok. 683281 x 683281 x 2 = 933745849922. YOU HAVE A 933745849922/933745849922 ON TURN 10 CONGRATS. (nine hundred thirty-three billion seven hundred forty-five million eight hundred forty-nine thousand nine hundred twenty-two)

Turn 11: Use Runes of the Deus to give Thromok +2/+2 double-strike and trample. deal 1.8674917e+12 (google calculator broke) DAMAGE TO SECURE YOUR UNCHALLENGED REIGN OVER THE UNDERLINGS!!!

Turn 12 (if they're still alive): Use Fungal Sprouting and gain 1.8674917e+12 Saprolings...

Turn 13: Thromok the Insatiable (another one) eats all of them and then you get some insane number. For all you geeks out there that number is 6.9750505e+24 if you enchant it with Runes of the Deus allowing you to deal 1.3950101e+25 DAMAGE...

The deck also comes with many other cards that benefit the devour mechanic such as Preyseizer Dragon. Mycoloth is probably the most important card in the deck as he makes a huge amount of devourable Saprolings. When late game comes and you start to feel like you going a bit slowly, try Skullmulcher, he'll be able to get you back on track and ahead of those pesky blue decks!

The deck is admittedly weak to control and any good suggestions for synergizing protection spells (RG) would be great! Please do not forget to like as that means more people will get to see this awesome combo! Thanks mates.



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