basically they are dead turn 4 and its budget. Strangleroot Geist + Evolutionary Leap is a good combo use it if you get it. usually the best strategy is to damage as much as possible as soon as possible which means Strangleroot Geist over Avatar of the Resolute and Groundbreaker over Leatherback Baloth . if you are playing against a deck with not much removal then you can ignore that rule and play Leatherback Baloth first (it will kill them faster but only do it if they are unlikely to have removal.) basically you could easily play this deck and win without ever playing magic before. most decks find it to hard to stay afloat and can't beat this deck just because of the raw power. if you have any suggestions for card tweaks I would be happy to include. most people at modern tournaments will be completely unprepared and you have a good chance of going 3 -0. if you want to make it more budget you can take out Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx although it will make the deck a little worse but not a ton. you can also take out Hexdrinker for Experiment One , Llanowar Elves , Dryad Militant or Bond Beetle (for Avatar of the Resolute synergy). I don't have a good idea of what to put in the sideboard so let me know if you have any ideas.


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