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A nice little idea I had for deck.

As you can see, this deck is all about the counters, counters everywhere. As such Evolve and Graft are the main mechanics here.

Every creature that doesn't have either Graft or Evolve has some ability which either grants more counters or takes advantage of counters.

Plaxcaster Frogling for some Hexproof protection.

Vorel of the Hull Clade and Renegade Krasis help to add even move counters.

Fathom Mage and Zameck Guildmage help me draw card when needed.

Gyre Sage can help out with mana when I need it.

For the non creature cards we have, of course Collected Company, Hardened Scales which helps add more counters and Cryptic Command for a little protection.

I have spent a lot of time perfecting this deck (with your guys help) and would love to know what you think.


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