Dimir Midrange for Guilds of Ravnica Standard. Aggressive disruption and control package coupled with evasive threats.


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This deck is not Standard legal.

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Illegal cards Disdainful Stroke , Doom Whisperer , Mission Briefing , Nightveil Predator , Notion Rain , Ritual of Soot , Sinister Sabotage , Thief of Sanity , Thought Erasure , Unmoored Ego , Watery Grave
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-2 Ritual of Soot main
-1 Notion Rain main
+1 Island main
-1 Field of Ruin main
+1 Swamp main
+2 Vraska's Contempt main
-2 Price of Fame main
+2 Doom Whisperer main
+1 Notion Rain side
-1 Hostage Taker side
+2 Ritual of Soot side
-2 Vraska's Contempt side