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Spooty Decks Ep. 1 - Abzan Cats

Juuuust in time for FNM.

Features 06/05/2015 by Spootyone

The State of Showdown

I need your thoughts.

Showdown 05/20/2015 by Spootyone

Modern B/W Token Primer

Xzzane tells you everything you need to know about the Modern archetype of B/W tokens.

Features 04/19/2015 by xzzane

Do you want to write a primer?

Come on let's write some text...

Pandora's Deckbox 04/12/2015 by Epochalyptik

Modern Showdown #1

GlistenerAgent tests the modern decks YOU want to see!

Features 04/08/2015 by GlistenerAgent

Swept Under the RUG

How I Won an SCG IQ/GPT with a "Dead" Deck

Features 04/03/2015 by zandl

A Primer on RUG Scapeshift

GlistenerAgent tells you everything you need to know about Temur Scapeshift

Features 04/01/2015 by GlistenerAgent

An Open Response to the Commander RC

Assessing what the RC has said about the tuck change.

Pandora's Deckbox 03/26/2015 by Epochalyptik

Broods and Brews

Ferret talks about two decks he's interested in this Standard Season.

Current Standard 03/20/2015 by OutspokenFerret

Bound to the Old, We Cling to the New

Join Ferret as he analyzes the current Standard and where DTK will fit on the coming meta.

Current Standard 03/16/2015 by OutspokenFerret

Showdown #36: It's in the stars

Sagittarius and Capricorn and stuff.

Showdown 02/17/2015 by Spootyone

Fluffy Finances

Ever see a card spike in price and wonder why? Fluffy takes a look at the rise and decline of certain cards during PTFRF.

Features 02/16/2015 by fluffybunnypants

Showdown #35: Raider's Spoils

Pirates would probably be cooler, tbh...

Showdown 01/31/2015 by Spootyone

Showdown #34: The Red

Chevelle, eat your heart out.

Showdown 01/26/2015 by Spootyone

Modernized Magic 2.0

So what now?????

Features 01/23/2015 by awesomeguy37

Showdown #33: Nestled in Tokens

Moar Showdown stuff. This time it's Kaveth's turn to pilot the Community deck

Showdown 01/16/2015 by Spootyone

Showdown #32: I Need a Hero

More Showdown! Now extra Sultai...

Showdown 01/09/2015 by Spootyone