Time to Duel: Mad Orrery Features

2016 October 26 by ABadMagicPlayer100

Join ABadMagicPlayer100 on another foray into Magic Duels to try out a deck built to abuse Ghirapur Orrery, then vote in the first ever Time to Duel strawpoll!

Pattern Recognition #5 - The Problematic Planeswalker Features Opinion

2016 October 20 by berryjon

There is a problem with a certain Planewalker, and it's not their fault. Pattern Recognition #5 takes a look at a larger issue and how one 'Walker is the perfect exemplar of it.

Pattern Recognition #4: Live Faster, Die Harder Features Opinion

2016 October 13 by berryjon

This issue brings to the table a series of creatures that all do the same thing, from Fourth Edition to Kaladesh, and very often in between. Assuming they stick around long enough for you to see them.

Pattern Recognition #3: Combat Tricks Features Opinion

2016 October 09 by berryjon

Pattern Recognition #3 - in this issue, berryjon talks about Combat Tricks that appears on creature cards, and why most of them have failed.

MicroBrews #3: Mad Stax Features

2016 September 21 by SwaggyMcSwagglepants

Set in a sandy, dystopian Australia, Swaggy and his allies set to achieve rebirth in Valhalla with a shiny new brew.

The Other 15 Tuition

2016 September 10 by ToolmasterOfBrainerd

What do I do with those other 15 cards?

Crazy Brewing Ideas: Making Synergies Work! Features

2016 September 04 by EpicFreddi

A standard deck with moon power!

The Top Deck - Episode 20 - Kaladesh Artistry Features

2016 September 01 by Spootyone

Join Christian "Spootyone" Kingsbury and Eric "Is Actually the Host Today" Knappe as they discuss Conspiracy 2, Kaladesh info, Penny Dreadful and more!

TappedOut's Fifth Modern Moot Features Tuition

2016 August 14 by ChiefBell

Tempo: it's like a metronome, right?

The Tens of EDH 8: Getting Back Into It Features Opinion

2016 August 13 by miracleHat

How to regain your spark.

The Top Deck - Episode 19 - PTs and PTs! Features Meta

2016 August 09 by Spootyone

Do you like poorly executed attempts at clever titles? Then boy do I have a show for you, my friend!

Modern Front Page Feature #4 Features

2016 August 04 by ChiefBell

Deckcycled lately? One of these decks may look familiar.

Time to Duel Poll: Are you Enjoying This Series? Opinion

2016 August 02 by ABadMagicPlayer100

ABadMagicPlayer100 has published the pilot episodes of Time to Duel. Now it's time to see where the series is going.

The Top Deck - Episode 18 - Skeletor Doesn't Understand MTGfinance Features Opinion

2016 July 26 by Spootyone

Join Christian "Spootyone" Kingsbury and Eric "NYEHHH" Knappe as they discuss Eldritch moon prereleasing, drafting, and more!

Warning: This episode may contain bad Skeletor impersonations.

Front Page Feature - EDH #2 Features

2016 July 14 by zandl

Whose hundred is hiding herein?


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