Rothgar’s Competitive Corner: Back in the Game Features Meta

2017 June 23 by rothgar13

Rothgar13 with the start of a brand new series, on competitive play of all flavors.

Modern Tiered List Weekly Update for 6/19/17 Features Meta

2017 June 19 by Ashockfan

New Update Every Week, by Avi Mikhli

Pattern Recognition #33 - Volvers Redux Features Opinion

2017 June 15 by berryjon

In this reprint of a lost issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon talks about the best multi-coloured card cycle in the game. At least, in his opinion.

Modern Tiered List Weekly Update for 6/12/17 Meta

2017 June 12 by Ashockfan

This week's tier list update in a new location. By Avi Mikhli

Pattern Recognition #32 - Functional Reprints Features Opinion

2017 June 08 by berryjon

No, you're not seeing this article again for the first time. Nor is it an article you're never going to see again. berryjon looks at one of the great mistakes of Magic, and some of the fallout from it.

Pattern Recognition #31 - NWO Features Opinion

2017 June 01 by berryjon

berryjon says there ain't no Hulk here! Just an explanation about how the game design of Magic has stayed stable for years and years and years.

Pattern Recognition #30 - Regeneration Features Opinion

2017 May 25 by berryjon

berryjon keeps coming back for more and more and more in this installment of Pattern Recognition. Just what can keep a good creature down anyway?

Pattern Recognition #29 - Leviathans Features Opinion

2017 May 18 by berryjon

Go big or go home with this week's issue of Pattern Recognition. And even if you do go home, there might be nothing left by the time you get there.

Pattern Recognition #28 - In Response, Spin Top Features Opinion

2017 May 11 by berryjon

In Response to a certain Banning, berryjon will sit and spin in circles until he gets what he wants.

Pattern Recognition #27 - Enchanted Features Opinion

2017 May 04 by berryjon

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon looks at one of the weak points in Magic's design - and the brilliant workaround that Wizards created to make the concept workable again.

Pattern Recognition #26 - Rarity Features Opinion

2017 April 27 by berryjon

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon attempts to prove that a whole class of cards don't exist! Success not guaranteed.

Pattern Recognition #25 - Hybrid Mana Features Opinion

2017 April 20 by berryjon

A little bit of this or a little bit of that means that cards can be made easier to play. In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon discusses the history of Hybrid Mana.

Pattern Recognition #24 - Ninjutsu Features Opinion

2017 April 13 by berryjon

Sneaky-sneaky goes the mechanic. Right into the dustpile of history. berryjon looks at Ninjitsu in this issue!