The Top Deck - Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia (Not actually though) STARTING SOON Features

2016 May 01 by Spootyone

So much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to sayyayyy

TTD livestream - EAK1791 - Briabridge Combo Features

2016 April 29 by Spootyone

Raging clues and all that jazz.

The Top Deck - Episode 12 - Quickbuild: Budget Briarbridge Combo Current Standard Features

2016 April 21 by Spootyone

Join Christian "Spootyone" Kingsbury and Eric "has a ragiinngg clueee" Knappe as they are forced to forgo their initial plans in lieu of another awesome Quickbuild!

The Morality of Cheating Opinion

2016 April 18 by rorofat

Rorofat gives his viewpoint on a couple types of "mini-cheating" in magic.

Modern Snapshot: Impact of Recent Ban List Changes Meta

2016 April 18 by CanadianShinobi

CanadianShinobi takes a look at the few most recent Modern banlist changes and the impact they've had.

The Reason I'm Broke (but no regrets) Features

2016 April 14 by GoldGhost012

Ghost cracks open a fresh box of SOI and reflects on the goodies it contained!

SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge: Pairings and Stats Deck Challenges

2016 April 12 by zandl

You've been patient; I've been busy. See the final numbers and your first pairing!

A First Look: What is Cube? Featuring Entry Enjoyment Tuition

2016 April 11 by Femme_Fatale

Femme_Fatale gives us all a course on Cube-building and playing with this latest Tuition piece.

The Tens of EDH 6: Budget Replacements Tuition

2016 April 11 by miracleHat

MiracleHat is back with another edition of his ongoing series: the Tens of EDH. This time he discusses budget replacements!

Build Your Cube Backwards Tuition

2016 April 07 by Egann

Don't know where you're going with all those cards? Start small. You'll figure it out along the way.

The Top Deck - Episode 11 - Quickbuilds: "Budget Werewolves" Features

2016 April 07 by Spootyone

Join Christian "Spootyone" Kingsbury and Eric "Always Opens the Card he Wants" Knappe as they discuss the SOI prerelease, the changes to the banlist, and welcome a new segment: Quickbuilds! If you are a new/budget player PLEASE come take a listen!

SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge Deck Challenges

2016 April 04 by zandl

It's back, baby! Put your deck-building skills to the test in the next installment of zandl's Challenge Series.

Embracing the Planeshift - Shadows Over Innistrad Meta Opinion

2016 April 03 by zandl

Seven New Decks from zandl to Get You Hyped for Rotation

My Modern Deck Lost To A Standard Deck Meta Opinion

2016 April 02 by ChiefBell

...but it's ok because I learned something important, and I wanted to share that with you.

Vampire Army's Post-Ro Deck Kickstarter Meta Opinion

2016 March 28 by VampireArmy

It's a new dawn, a new day... and I'm feeling good

Previously, on Innistrad Features

2016 March 24 by GoldGhost012

Join Ghost as we embark on a new journey into Magic Lore, and discuss Innistrad's amazing backstory!

The Top Deck - Episode 10 - BONUS EPISODE SOI Spoiler Discussion! Card Design Features

2016 March 24 by Spootyone

Join Christian "Spootyone" Kingsbury and Eric "Jacey Needs a New Coat" Knappe as they discuss Shadows Over Innistrad spoilers for NEARLY TWO HOURS STRAIGHT.