Pattern Recognition #48 - The Great Machine Features Opinion Pattern Recognition

2017 October 12 by berryjon

In this week's Pattern Recognition, berryjon makes a Babylon 5 reference, and points out some of the history of that reference, and what happened when it came out again.

Pattern Recognition #46 - Pirates! Features Opinion

2017 September 28 by berryjon

Today, berryjon builds a deck. Here's hoping it doesn't suck!

Pattern Recognition #45 - We can be Heroes Opinion Pattern Recognition

2017 September 21 by berryjon

Today, berryjon talks about one of Theros' more prolific mechanics, and the reasons why it failed - leading into the version of it that did succeed. Mostly because his actual planned article for this week couldn't be done in time.

Pattern Recognition #44 - Flowstone Opinion Pattern Recognition

2017 September 14 by berryjon

Shape the world, shape your creatures. Today, berryjon looks at an old theme in an old set, and why the results were important for combat.

Pattern Recognition #43 - Gideon Jura Opinion Pattern Recognition

2017 September 07 by berryjon

Today, with Jace Totally Lost , berryjon talks about the next member of the Gatewatch, and why having only two loyalty abilities is a hinderance.

Pattern Recognition #42 - Band of Brothers Opinion Pattern Recognition

2017 August 31 by berryjon

With this mechanic, berryjon describes how none of us are as strong as all of us. As long as you understand the rules. Urza knows even the author has problems sometimes!

Pattern Recognition #41 - Licids Opinion Pattern Recognition

2017 August 24 by berryjon

Adding creatures to creatures is something that was done once long ago, and once in more recent history. Today, berryjon looks at Licids, and their place in history.

Pattern Recognition #40 - Removal Opinion Pattern Recognition

2017 August 17 by berryjon

I cast Fatal Push. I cast Counterspell. I cast Crossbow Infantry. What do they all have in common? Today, berryjon talks about removal and why it's so powerful, and fragile at the same time.

Pattern Recognition #39 - Upkeep Features Opinion

2017 August 03 by berryjon

Pay now, or pay later, but you will always need to pay during the upkeep. berryjon rambles on about one of the important points in the game, and why its use has changed over the years.

Pattern Recognition #38 - Spellshapers Features Opinion

2017 July 27 by berryjon

Today, berryjon looks at a creature type that hasn't been in the game for a while, but still comes up from time to time when Creatures think they can be Players, if only for just one moment.

Pattern Recognition #37 - Figure of Destiny and Level Up Features Opinion

2017 July 20 by berryjon

What do you do when you draw a 1/1 for 1 on turn 8? Unless it has something spectacular going for it, there's not a lot, really. Today, berryjon looks at a couple attempts by Wizards to alleviate that potential problem.

Pattern Recognition #36 - Damage and Life Loss Features Opinion

2017 July 13 by berryjon

When is taking damage not taking damage? And when has taking damage never done a thing? This issue of Pattern Recognition has berryjon splitting some really fine hairs when it comes to damage and life loss.

Pattern Recognition #35 - Core Sets Features Opinion

2017 July 06 by berryjon

Who likes things that are reliable? berryjon does, and this issue of Pattern Recognition will explain what he thinks is one of the most reliable things in Magic - when done right.

Pattern Recognition #34 - Dual Lands Features Opinion

2017 June 29 by berryjon

Today, berryjon talks about Dual Lands and what makes them different from all the others.

And gets annoyed in the process when his sense of pattern recognition picks something out.

Pattern Recognition #33 - Volvers Redux Features Opinion

2017 June 15 by berryjon

In this reprint of a lost issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon talks about the best multi-coloured card cycle in the game. At least, in his opinion.

Pattern Recognition #32 - Functional Reprints Features Opinion

2017 June 08 by berryjon

No, you're not seeing this article again for the first time. Nor is it an article you're never going to see again. berryjon looks at one of the great mistakes of Magic, and some of the fallout from it.

Pattern Recognition #31 - NWO Features Opinion

2017 June 01 by berryjon

berryjon says there ain't no Hulk here! Just an explanation about how the game design of Magic has stayed stable for years and years and years.

Pattern Recognition #30 - Regeneration Features Opinion

2017 May 25 by berryjon

berryjon keeps coming back for more and more and more in this installment of Pattern Recognition. Just what can keep a good creature down anyway?

Pattern Recognition #29 - Leviathans Features Opinion

2017 May 18 by berryjon

Go big or go home with this week's issue of Pattern Recognition. And even if you do go home, there might be nothing left by the time you get there.