MTG Articles

MTG: Origins Sealed Stream Tonight! Features

2015 July 25 by KrazyCaley

Streamin' action.

Getting more views on your decks. Features

2015 July 12 by Epochalyptik

How to get the most out of the site's features and community and keep people coming back to comment on your decks!

Spooty Decks Ep. 1 - Abzan Cats Features

2015 June 05 by Spootyone

Juuuust in time for FNM.

Modern B/W Token Primer Features

2015 April 19 by xzzane

Xzzane tells you everything you need to know about the Modern archetype of B/W tokens.

Modern Showdown #1 Features

2015 April 08 by GlistenerAgent

GlistenerAgent tests the modern decks YOU want to see!

Swept Under the RUG Features

2015 April 03 by zandl

How I Won an SCG IQ/GPT with a "Dead" Deck

A Primer on RUG Scapeshift Features

2015 April 01 by GlistenerAgent

GlistenerAgent tells you everything you need to know about Temur Scapeshift

Fluffy Finances Features

2015 February 16 by fluffybunnypants

Ever see a card spike in price and wonder why? Fluffy takes a look at the rise and decline of certain cards during PTFRF.

Modernized Magic 2.0 Features

2015 January 23 by awesomeguy37

So what now?????

Modernized Magic Features

2014 December 10 by awesomeguy37

The Current Meta

Legacy Weapon: Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans Features

2014 October 16 by fluffybunnypants

Fluffy takes a look ahead at the use of Khans of Tarkir in Legacy.

A Rodent's Rambling's: Fetches... Yea... and Stuff (#4) Features

2014 September 18 by OutspokenFerret

Ferret is a little overwhelmed by all the stuff in this set, but most of his mind has been turned to the fetches. Join him as he rambles over what they might mean for Modern.

A Rodent's Ramblings: Card Christmas (#3) Features

2014 September 13 by OutspokenFerret

Ferret explains how he handles potential specs and has a little surprise for everyone.

SpeedBrewers #1: A New Frontier Features

2014 September 08 by Spootyone

Join me and my new nemesis as we take on new challenges!

Legacy Weapon Vol. 4 Features

2014 August 25 by fluffybunnypants

By request: A Nic Fit concoction!

A Rodent's Rambings: Spoiled Before the Season (#2) Features

2014 August 24 by OutspokenFerret

Ferret goes over the cards already spoiled from Khans as well as the mechanics that have been revealed.

A Rodent's Ramblings: Rotation and Khans (#1) Features

2014 August 21 by OutspokenFerret

During a lull period, Ferret starts talking about what you might see in the MtG future as well as the fundamentals of Financial Magic.