TappedOut Standard Series: Streaming Live Now! Features

2017 September 19 by zandl

Join zandl on the official TappedOut Twitch channel each weekday at 10am PDT (and somewhat randomly on weekends) as he conducts the TappedOut Standard Series! Watch tier-one decks in action, check out some sweet budget brews, and learn how to navigate the quickly shifting meta of peri-rotation Standard.

Pattern Recognition #39 - Upkeep Features Opinion

2017 August 03 by berryjon

Pay now, or pay later, but you will always need to pay during the upkeep. berryjon rambles on about one of the important points in the game, and why its use has changed over the years.

Modern Tiered List Bi-Weekly Update for 7/31/17 Features Meta

2017 August 01 by EverythingIsK

Tier list now in healthy bi-weekly intervals. By Zac Pinales

Pattern Recognition #38 - Spellshapers Features Opinion

2017 July 27 by berryjon

Today, berryjon looks at a creature type that hasn't been in the game for a while, but still comes up from time to time when Creatures think they can be Players, if only for just one moment.

Pattern Recognition #37 - Figure of Destiny and Level Up Features Opinion

2017 July 20 by berryjon

What do you do when you draw a 1/1 for 1 on turn 8? Unless it has something spectacular going for it, there's not a lot, really. Today, berryjon looks at a couple attempts by Wizards to alleviate that potential problem.

Modern Tiered List (Now) Bi-Weekly Update for 7/17/17 Features Meta

2017 July 17 by EverythingIsK

This week's Tier List brought to you by Zac Pinales.