Pattern Recognition #37 - Figure of Destiny and Level Up Features Opinion

2017 July 20 by berryjon

What do you do when you draw a 1/1 for 1 on turn 8? Unless it has something spectacular going for it, there's not a lot, really. Today, berryjon looks at a couple attempts by Wizards to alleviate that potential problem.

TappedOut Commander Series: Episode 4 Features

2017 July 19 by zandl

Streaming as always in 1080p!

Modern Tiered List (Now) Bi-Weekly Update for 7/17/17 Features Meta

2017 July 17 by EverythingIsK

This week's Tier List brought to you by Zac Pinales.

Pattern Recognition #36 - Damage and Life Loss Features Opinion

2017 July 13 by berryjon

When is taking damage not taking damage? And when has taking damage never done a thing? This issue of Pattern Recognition has berryjon splitting some really fine hairs when it comes to damage and life loss.

TappedOut Commander Series: Episode 3 Features

2017 July 12 by zandl

Streaming as always in 1080p!

Pattern Recognition #35 - Core Sets Features Opinion

2017 July 06 by berryjon

Who likes things that are reliable? berryjon does, and this issue of Pattern Recognition will explain what he thinks is one of the most reliable things in Magic - when done right.

LabManiacs cEDH Set Review: HOU Features

2017 July 03 by LabManiac_Dan

EverythingIsK This week's Modern Tier List brought to you once again by Zac Pinales.

Pattern Recognition #34 - Dual Lands Features Opinion

2017 June 29 by berryjon

Today, berryjon talks about Dual Lands and what makes them different from all the others.

And gets annoyed in the process when his sense of pattern recognition picks something out.

TappedOut Commander Series: Episode 1 Features

2017 June 28 by zandl

Introducing zandl's latest foray into exclusive TappedOut content: the TappedOut Commander Series! In this new competitive-ish EDH series, discover the joys of both creative deck-building and shameless day-drinking.

LabManiacs Season 2 Ep 1 Features

2017 June 26 by LabManiac_Dan

EverythingIsK Tier list brought to you this week by Zac Pinales

Rothgar’s Competitive Corner: Back in the Game Features Meta

2017 June 23 by rothgar13

Rothgar13 with the start of a brand new series, on competitive play of all flavors.