Legacy Weapon Vol. 1

2014 July 31

Fluffy teaches us about a Legacy brew he can't get enough of- Leylines!

Showdown 2.0 #3: Controlled Burn

2014 July 30

First strike, meet death touch.

Tale of Two Commanders #7: The Battle for Kapsho, Part Dos

2014 July 26

Killin' dragons is what this merfolk does for a living. Or did.

Showdown #21: Wrath of Prometheus

2014 July 24

But not with Titan of Eternal Flame. Sorry, not sorry.

Tails of a Ferret: From Jund to Square One

2014 July 20

Ferret has decided to let you choose his deck moving forward, and details Magic's effect on his life

Showdown 2.0 #2: Mitosis

2014 July 16

Apoptosis is back to fill in for me with a double-header! Also, I hope you're still enjoying my biological titles.

How to Handle Handles

2014 July 16

Upgraded users: make your name a whole lot better!

A Primer on Melira Pod

2014 July 16

Every thing you could ask about Melira Pod, explained here.

Tails of a Ferret: Chord at its Best (#2)

2014 July 11

Ferret discusses the color combo he chose, and explains why he's toning down the nest.

Showdown #20: A Sylvan Library

2014 July 10

Mono-blue codex shredder mill/control....what could go wrong!?

Tails of a Ferret: Back in the Saddle!

2014 July 04

Ferret explains his absence, and explains a new series he'll be starting.

Live Vintage Masters Draft Stream Tonight

2014 July 03

What could go wrong with giving Caley Mana Drains?

Showdown 2.0 #1: Cytokinesis

2014 July 02

Let's try something a little different, shall we?

The Modern Magic Box #5

2014 June 30

Stop. Control time! Now with extra references!

Showdown #19: Some New Tactics

2014 June 26

Come watch me not keep 1-landers! With surprise guest: Nickel Bowlous

The Modern Magic Box #4

2014 June 20

Time for some serious business!

The Modern Magic Box #3

2014 June 12

Internet implosions, a triumphant return and a visit to Jund! Allons-y!

Showdown #18: We're Back Baby!!

2014 June 11

Come for the Storm. Stay for the RAM!!

Dipping into the reserves

2014 June 09

Just poking my head in for controversial topics.

Where Have I Been?

2014 June 06

I'm not dead, I promise!