Pattern Recognition #25 - Hybrid Mana Features Opinion

2017 April 20 by berryjon

A little bit of this or a little bit of that means that cards can be made easier to play. In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon discusses the history of Hybrid Mana.

Pattern Recognition #24 - Ninjutsu Features Opinion

2017 April 13 by berryjon

Sneaky-sneaky goes the mechanic. Right into the dustpile of history. berryjon looks at Ninjitsu in this issue!

The Trinisphere: Episode 1 Features

2017 April 12 by squire1

First episode of a new recurring series about EDH from 3 unique perspectives.

Pattern Recognition #23 - The Stack Features Opinion

2017 April 06 by berryjon

What goes up, must come down. Join berryjon as he goes down into the dark depths of Magic's history to show why we play the game the way we do.

Pattern Recognition #22 - I hate Jace Features Opinion

2017 March 23 by berryjon

You know whom I despise more than anyone else? A certain character who has mediocre cards, and could be forgotten about tomorrow and the story would go on without?

Yeah. I thought so too.

Pattern Recognition #21 - Mana Rocks Features Opinion

2017 March 16 by berryjon

You know what rocks? Mana rocks! In this issue of Pattern Recognition, I go back to an old subject and bring forward one of the possible solutions to it.

Pattern Recognition #20 - Hunted Features Opinion

2017 March 09 by berryjon

In this issue, we look at cards that are hunted for the benefits they bring. And I mean that with a straight face!

Pattern Recognition #19 - Modern Master Features Opinion

2017 March 02 by berryjon

You all know it. You all want it. So... where did it come from, and why was it a mistake? After all, Modern wouldn't be Modern without it.

Pattern Recognition #18 - A Purchased Rare Features Opinion

2017 February 23 by berryjon

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon talks about the first rare he bought as a single, and the subsequent versions of that card that have been printed.

Why I Hate Commander Leagues and How to Fix Them Features Meta

2017 February 21 by MagicalHacker

Could a commander league ever properly simulate the typical commander experience most of us know and love?

Pattern Recognition #17 - ACC Features Opinion

2017 February 16 by berryjon

ACC. Bet you don't know what that is a backronym for, do you? Well, neither did I before I started writing this article. What is Aggro, Combo and Control?

Pattern Recognition #16 - Nothing to Fear Features Opinion

2017 February 09 by berryjon

What is there to Fear when you play against Black? Quite a lot, it seems.

Pattern Recognition #15 - The Two Great Cycles Features Opinion

2017 February 02 by berryjon

What goes around, comes around. So, what exactly is going around anyway?

Pattern Recognition #14 - Formats Features Opinion

2017 January 26 by berryjon

In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon touches on the many different formats there are in the game.

Pattern Recognition #13 - Board Wipes Features Opinion

2017 January 19 by berryjon

Well, why not blow everything up? berryjon talks about the hows and the whys of wiping out the board.

Pattern Recognition #12 - Lands Matter Features Opinion

2017 January 12 by berryjon

Lands don't really matter, do they? In this issue of Pattern Recognition, berryjon talks about some of the ways in which they do matter.

Pattern Recognition #11 - Volvers Features Opinion

2017 January 05 by berryjon

Welcome back to 2017, and Pattern Recognition begins its next run with a unique cycle of creatures and how they helped define drafting and multicoloured decks!

New Year's Resolutions 2017 Features

2016 December 22 by squire1

squire1 's fearless magical inventory and new year's resolutions.

Pattern Recognition #10 - Alternate Casting Costs Features Opinion

2016 December 11 by berryjon

So, when is a card's casting cost, not it's real casting cost? berryjon takes a look at a cycle of cards that redefined what it means to play a card. And a few other cases.

Pattern Recognition #9 - Winning and Losing Features Opinion

2016 November 24 by berryjon

When can you win without winning, or lose without losing? berryjon looks at what goes into Alternate Win and Loss conditions in this issue.