A Rodent's Rambling's: Fetches... Yea... and Stuff (#4)

2014 September 18

Ferret is a little overwhelmed by all the stuff in this set, but most of his mind has been turned to the fetches. Join him as he rambles over what they might mean for Modern.

A Rodent's Ramblings: Card Christmas (#3)

2014 September 13

Ferret explains how he handles potential specs and has a little surprise for everyone.

SpeedBrewers #1: A New Frontier

2014 September 08

Join me and my new nemesis as we take on new challenges!

Legacy Weapon Vol. 4

2014 August 25

By request: A Nic Fit concoction!

A Rodent's Rambings: Spoiled Before the Season (#2)

2014 August 24

Ferret goes over the cards already spoiled from Khans as well as the mechanics that have been revealed.

A Rodent's Ramblings: Rotation and Khans (#1)

2014 August 21

During a lull period, Ferret starts talking about what you might see in the MtG future as well as the fundamentals of Financial Magic.

Legacy Weapon Vol. 3

2014 August 18

Fluffy's latest installment in his Legacy deck series (late due to [[Jp3ngu1nb0y]]'s slacking).

Legacy Weapon Vol. 2

2014 August 06

Fluffy goes over a storm build that's got him excited.

Tails of a Ferret: Let's Go Build Tempo (#4)

2014 August 04

Join Ferret as he details an interesting Tempo deck! Don't forget to give your ideas and Input.

Legacy Weapon Vol. 1

2014 July 31

Fluffy teaches us about a Legacy brew he can't get enough of- Leylines!

Tale of Two Commanders #7: The Battle for Kapsho, Part Dos

2014 July 26

Killin' dragons is what this merfolk does for a living. Or did.

Tails of a Ferret: From Jund to Square One

2014 July 20

Ferret has decided to let you choose his deck moving forward, and details Magic's effect on his life

How to Handle Handles

2014 July 16

Upgraded users: make your name a whole lot better!

A Primer on Melira Pod

2014 July 16

Every thing you could ask about Melira Pod, explained here.

Tails of a Ferret: Chord at its Best (#2)

2014 July 11

Ferret discusses the color combo he chose, and explains why he's toning down the nest.

Tails of a Ferret: Back in the Saddle!

2014 July 04

Ferret explains his absence, and explains a new series he'll be starting.

Live Vintage Masters Draft Stream Tonight

2014 July 03

What could go wrong with giving Caley Mana Drains?

The Modern Magic Box #5

2014 June 30

Stop. Control time! Now with extra references!

The Modern Magic Box #4

2014 June 20

Time for some serious business!

The Modern Magic Box #3

2014 June 12

Internet implosions, a triumphant return and a visit to Jund! Allons-y!