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The Best Possible Sliver Deck.

Legacy Aggro Five Color Sliver


Description needs to be updated since the printing of Cloudshredder Sliver

Sliver aggro at its finest. All 1-2 CMC Slivers with Aether Vial to toss them onto the battlefield ASAP. With 12 Slivers that give +1/+1, this becomes the ultimate Lord deck!

4x Muscle Sliver , 4x Predatory Sliver , 4x Sinew Sliver - This is the core of the deck. Our "Sliver Lords". These guys will build up the power of your army very quickly.

4x Leeching Sliver , 4x Sidewinder Sliver - These are our "pseudo Sliver Lords". They come up a little short when compared to Muscle, Predatory, and Sinew, but are a necessary evil. These help us push past enemy defenses and sneak in that extra damage for the win.

3x Crystalline Sliver , 2x Hibernation Sliver - These little guys are our answer to removal. We can bring more in against heavy removal decks, but 5x seems to be the right number in the main deck.

4x Galerider Sliver - The Sliver rule is generally not to run 4x of any Sliver who's ability doesn't stack. This guy is the exception to that rule. We want Galerider to hit the board every game.

3x Heart Sliver - Haste really speeds up our game plan. Though the ability doesn't stack and it does nothing to increase the power of our army, so this guy is relegated to 3x.

2x Striking Sliver - This slot comes down to personal preference. I like the occasional First Strike, as it can really help get past the opponents defenses without losing / weakening our army. No more than 2 because the ability doesn't stack and it's not quite as strong as some of our other Slivers.

4x Aether Vial , 4x Lotus Petal - These guys are all about ramp. Some people will say that Lotus Petal is bad because it nets negative card advantage, but I say that's just because they haven't tried it in this deck. The extra speed it can provide is not to be underestimated. Vial needs no explanation in a Sliver deck.


1x Crystalline Sliver , 2x Hibernation Sliver Bring in Crystalline against single target removal and Hibernation against board wipes.

4x Harmonic Sliver - Harmonic needs little explanation, destroy all the artifacts and enchantments!

2x Path to Exile - Single target, easy to cast removal for creatures that may give us trouble.

3x Swan Song - Bring this in to counter board wipes, removal, or really anything. We don't care about no 2/2 birds!

2x Relic of Progenitus - Our choice for graveyard control. Easy to cast and can draw us a card later.

I love criticism, so if you have any please make it constructive and help me make this deck as good as possible!

If control is more your thing, then check out this deck: Slivers Just Got Smart.. It plays just like Merfolk, but with more options, and it's a TON of fun to play!


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