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Frozen Solid



Dungeon geists is niblis of frost.

Tap down control. Tap the opponent while advancing your board state. Originally known as Sunblast, but with the advent of new cards, it goes through an evolution in which the sun no longer shines, much like where some of the newer additions come from... (Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Elder Deep-Fiend, niblis of frost)

Battlefield Thaumaturge + Icy Blast or any of the instants. Frost Breath becomes one mana.

Eldrazi Temple may look out of place, but it's here to help cast Elder Deep-Fiend and Drowner of Hope.

Basically, you keep them tapped down, gathering resources and benefitting from their being tapped with Gideon's Avenger. The spiritual successor of Sunblast.


Updates Add

With the advent of the latest sets, I do believe this deck can do better without its predecessor, Sunblast Angel. Suggestions appreciated. Let's make this happen!

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