A mono-green aggro list relying on Collected Company for a late-game finish, alongside a mono-green devotion sub-theme using Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Aspect of Hydra to finish off games in a very big way.

All suggestions and critiques are welcome!

  • Experiment One resist removal and can become a huge threat.
  • Pelt Collector can become massive threats very quickly.
  • Avatar of the Resolutecan enter the game as a big creature after other creatures, or as a perfectly acceptable beater on-curve.
  • Barkhide Troll is a 3/3 that gives us devotion and resists removal.
  • Werewolf Pack Leader is an undercosted body for that starts drawing us cards in the mid game and can pump to a 5/3 with trample when our big mana lands come online.
  • Steel Leaf Champion is a bread-and-butter powerful threat for .
  • Garruk's Harbinger can replenish our hand once it starts dealing damage.
  • Rhonas the Indomitable is both a large CoCo target, and a game-ending combo off of our devotion with Nykthos.
  • Ghalta, Primal Hunger can hit the board and end the game for us very early due to our under-costed creatures, especially if we need just a little more fuel after a CoCo.
  • Primal Might, which is cheap removal early and a game-ending threat when we pump enough mana into it.
  • Aspect of Hydra helps us close out games very quickly off of our host of 2 and 3-devotion green creatures.
  • Collected Company is the central way we overpower our opponent once we hit 4 mana.


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