A mono-blue control deck based around a simple idea - keep your opponent at bay until you can flip Thing in The Ice and take over the game. Holding off your opponents offense until they have to face major under-costed threats is a consistently rewarding game plan that should give you a lot of fun games.

All suggestions and critiques are welcome!

  • Thing in the Ice  /Awoken Horror is our bread and butter, often winning a game by itself if allowed to flip.
  • Curious Homunculus  /Voracious Reader will help us cast our spells more rapidly, and can quickly become a threat in the late game when it flips.
  • Chasm Skulker benefits from the extra cards we'll be drawing, and is also a horror (and therefor not bounced by Awoken Horror).
  • Opt draws a card for one mana at instant speed.
  • Frantic Inventory draws one or more cards at instant speed. (This will be replaced with Consider as soon as that is released)
  • Negate counters our opponents non-creature spells.
  • Censor counters our opponents spells unless they pay an extra mana, and can be cycled away in the late game.
  • You Find the Villains' Lair can counter an opponents spell, or give us a Faithless Looting effect (which is better for us than cycling because it's still casting a card for Thing in the Ice).
  • Mission Briefing can re-cast spells we've already used or discarded.
  • Blink of an Eye can bounce any pesky permanents that get through our counterspells.
  • Tragic Lesson combos with Mystic Sanctuary to keep us constantly drawing cards in the mid-to-late game.
  • Engulf the Shore clears the path for our large creatures late-game.
  • AEtherize is a one-sided board wipe against aggressive wide creature decks.
  • Annul is great against artifact or enchantment decks.
  • Essence Capture will do work against creature-based decks.
  • Mizzium Skin saves our creatures against removal-heavy opponents.
  • Soul-Guide Lantern works against graveyard strategies.


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