A budget (~$100) treasure deck that takes advantage of Jolene, the Plunder Queen to amass an enormous fortune that we'll use to overwhelm our opponents.

This deck has three distinct segments of cards - early drops that help you generate treasures like Professional Face-Breaker and Sticky Fingers, late drops that utilize treasures to drive you to victory such as Hellkite Igniter and Over the Top, and utility cards to help you consistently reach those win conditions.

All critiques and suggestions are appreciated! At this budget level, this is obviously more of a fun deck than a competitive one, so I'm willing to sacrifice some efficiency for some fun and goofiness. This is also a brand-new list, so I'm actively looking for any suggestions to help make this list fun while remaining financially viable!

  • Impulsive Pilferer - An early blocker that can be brought back to generate a ton of treasures down the line. Too much value on one card to not include.
  • Teething Wurmlet - An extremely powerful early creature that can gain us some life, become a deathtouching dissuasion to early enemy aggression, and can potentially become an enormous threat.
  • Gala Greeters - An early treasure generator that can also gain us some life if we're getting rushed down early.
  • Goblin Anarchomancer - Reduces the cost of almost all of our spells. An easy include in any Gruul list.
  • Magda, Brazen Outlaw - Despite having very few dwarves in our list, Magda still manages to be a great value for us, generating treasures on her own attacks and letting us tutor out an artifact or our Hellkite Igniter later on.
  • Sarinth Steelseeker - This card provides us with an absurd amount of card filtering once we start getting multiple treasures per turn.
  • Academy Manufactor - Why just make treasures? Gives us food and clue tokens to use, and puts our artifacts-matter synergies into overdrive.
  • Captain Lannery Storm - Treasure generation that can also get in for some huge hits late in the game. Can take out two opponents at once if we can get both Lannery and Jolene hitting and sacrifice a healthy pile of treasures at damage step.
  • Jaheira, Friend of the Forest - Being able to generate mana from our treasures without sacrificing them is an absurd value proposition.
  • Professional Face-Breaker - a major treasure generator that can utilize menace to also trigger Jolene for us, and that can let us burn treasures for exile draw if we need to dig for a win con when we're sitting on a fortune.
  • Swashbuckler Extraordinaire - Comes in with a treasure and lets us burn treasures to give our attackers double-strike.
  • Tireless Provisioner - Gives us treasure on landfall. Simple and effective.
  • Xorn - Redundancy for Jolene that stacks with her ability.
  • Fathom Fleet Swordjack - Can absolutely demolish an opponent even if they block, and doesn't need to actually sacrifice any treasures to do so. Also scales off all of our artifacts, not just treasures.
  • Hoarding Ogre - Makes treasures on attack. Nothing not to love.
  • Rose Room Treasurer - Usually just generates us treasures, but if we drop a few small creatures in one turn, we can burn our treasure pile for big damage.
  • Storm-Kiln Artist - While they won't likely be generating us a ton of treasures, as our list is relatively lean on non-creature spells, their scaling buff based on artifacts will usually make them a monstrous force.
  • Darksteel Juggernaut - Whats better than a creature that scales off of all of our artifacts? And indestructible creature that scales off of all our artifacts!!
  • Karlach, Fury of Avernus - We have lots of abilities that trigger on attack, including that of our commander. More combat phases = more triggers.
  • Port Razer - See above.
  • Wulfgar of Icewind Dale - Why stop at attacking multiple times per turn when we can also double the number of triggers we get from those attacks!
  • Fangren Marauder - Can you ever really have too much life?
  • Kogla, the Titan Ape - one of the more off-beat inclusions in this list, but too versatile and powerful to ignore. It's creature removal on entry, artifact and enchantment removal on attack, and we can pay to scoop up Jolene and armor through removal.
  • Hellkite Igniter - One of our most prominent win-cons. We can repeatedly pay to pump this hasty flier to an enormous size, making them an easy way to KO an opponent that isn't packing instant-speed removal.
  • Spider Umbra - Totem armor is a fantastic way for us to protect our valuable creatures, and this is as cheap as the ability comes.
  • Sticky Fingers - Evasion and treasure generation for is fantastic in this deck alone. Drawing a card on removal is just icing.
  • Boar Umbra - More totem armor, just more expensive this time.
  • Family's Favor - A fantastic enchantment for us that applies shield counters to our creatures, letting them attack with impunity and draw us cards when they connect.
  • Shiny Impetus - Goading the scariest creature on the board is already good for us. Getting a treasure off of it is even better.
  • Snake Umbra - More totem armor, but we can draw cards on hit too!
  • Viridian Revel - Draw a card every time an opponent uses one of the treasures Jolene gives them.
  • Stimulus Package - The treasures on entry is nice here, but the real value is in the second ability - being able to turn a pile of treasure into 1/1s to stampede across our opponents is a great win-con to have.
  • Rain of Riches - Spending a treasure once per turn to cascade is an insane value, and easily justifies this card's inclusion.
  • Prying Blade - generates us an extra treasure on hit.
  • Skeleton Key - Provides us a bit of evasion and some hand filtering for cheap.
  • Sol Ring - Sol Ring.
  • Zephyr Boots - Skeleton Key but with flying instead of skulk.
  • Arcane Signet - Arcane Signet.
  • Idol of Oblivion - A great source of card draw that we can turn into a 10/10 if needed.
  • Prowler's Helm - Some extra evasion to help us hit our attack triggers safely and profitably.
  • Swiftfoot Boots - Protection and haste for a low price.
  • Inspiring Statuary - Being able to tap down our treasures to pay for any card in our deck is an absurd level of power in this deck.
  • Nettlecyst - Turn any creature into a game-ender with a big enough pile of treasures.
  • Whispersilk Cloak - Protection and evasion are both extremely important to us. The classic cloak gives us both.
  • Hoard Hauler - Though a little inconsistent, will rarely be generating us less than 1 treasure on hit, and will often be swinging in for significantly more.
  • Tempting Contract - Lets make a deal.
  • Bootleggers' Stash - Because you just didn't have enough treasures already.
  • Tamiyo's Safekeeping - Cheap, instant-speed protection. A necessity for any board state-dependent green deck.
  • Tyvar's Stand - An extra Tamiyo's Safekeeping that can also pump one of our creatures into an enormous threat with enough treasures.
  • Comet Storm - Some red removal and a potential win-con if we have nothing better to do with our treasures than throw them at our opponents' faces.
  • Return to Nature - Flexible spot removal is always welcome.
  • Wrap in Vigor - Why protect one of our creatures when we can protect all of them? (And because nobody got the funds for Heroic Intervention around here)
  • Beast Within - The classic green spot removal option for all that ails ya.
  • Chaos Warp - The classic red spot removal option for all that ails ya.
  • Big Score - A couple of treasures and some hand filtering at instant speed.
  • Rampage of the Clans - Because why shouldn't we turn all of our treasures into centaurs?
  • Unexpected Windfall - A couple of treasures and some hand filtering at instant speed.
  • Rampant Growth - classic green ramp.
  • Cultivate - classic green ramp.
  • Kodama's Reach - classic green ramp.
  • Chain Reaction - For when that token creature player gets a little out of hand.
  • Harmonize - Because we need to draw cards.
  • Soul's Majesty - Because we need to draw cards.
  • Rishkar's Expertise - Because we need to draw cards.
  • Over the Top - One of our spiciest win conditions, being able to bring out up to 1 permanent per treasure from the top of our deck can give us a truly insurmountable board-state advantage against any deck that isn't going wide with permanents.
  • Access Tunnel - get a key creature through a tough defense.
  • Kessig Wolf Run - An easily overlooked utility land that can turn one creature + a pile of treasures into a game-winning beat stick.
  • Labyrinth of Skophos - protect yourself from a big threat, or save your own creature from a bad combat.
  • Rogue's Passage - get a key creature through a tough defense.


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