A Budget (~100) EDH list with Delina, Wild Mage at the helm. This deck looks to use Delina's cloning ability to make multiple copies of creatures with powerful enter-the-battlefield, combat damage, or stacking abilities to overwhelm your opponents.

Most of the cards in this deck fall into one of three categories - setup (mana rocks, card draw and filtering, etc), threats (creatures with ETB and CD abilities), and enablers (cards that let the threats do their job and keep our opponents at bay). Our setup cards are largely what you expect from mono-red lists - a lot of card filtering and artifact-based ramp. For threats, we're primarily focused on creatures that will get value from being cloned, such as ETB effects like Chancellor of the Forge , combat damage triggers like Port Razer , and effects that scale themselves up in power when duplicated like Angrath's Marauders . Last but not least, our enabler cards are primarily concerned with keeping our threats alive and attacking safely, which largely comes in the form of evasion or protection effects like Whispersilk Cloak , and cards that stop our opponent's threats like Chaos Warp . We also have a good number of cards that mimic or play off of Delina's abilties, such as giving her another dice roll like Strionic Resonator , putting even more clones down like Flameshadow Conjuring , or sacrificing clones before they naturally die like Tooth and Claw .

I've designed this deck to be fairly simple, as I will be frequently loaning it out to new players in my playgroup and don't want to overwhelm them with too many complicated interactions and mechanics, but also want them to be able to have fun with a deck poised to create some really exciting moments.

And before you ask, Sol Ring is banned in my playgroup, hence it's exclusion in this list.

Potential non-budget updates can be found in the maybe board.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! At this budget level, this is obviously more of a fun deck than a competitive one, so I'm willing to sacrifice some efficiency for some fun and goofiness.

  • Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast - can help us keep playing creatures as our hand dwindles, and can let us sacrifice Delina's copies to put higher CMC creatures from our deck into play.


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