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Pauper Glyphs: Things That Exist

Pauper Combo Control RBW (Mardu) Tribal TurboFog



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This is my first attempt at making an orrigonal pauper deck, and I am loving it so far. I stumbled on a common cycle of extremely powerful 1cmc combat tricks called "Glyphs" printed in Legends. Their only drawback is that they have to target a Wall, keep in mind this is the creature type, not just any defender. And thus, a glyph-based control/combo deck was born.

The strategy to this deck is pretty simple: build up your defense as quickly as possible using your collection of 13 walls and huge number of combat tricks to take as little damage as possible in the early game. You want to draw the game out as much as possible to find one of your win conditions.These consist of Glyph of Destruction + Fling/Soul's Fire for 10 damage to the face, and/or Vent Sentinel, putting your opponent on a tight clock.Cards like Glyph of Doom,Glyph of Life, Dawn Charm, and Valor Made Real will keep your opponents having to swing again and again with all they've got without getting much of a reward. Both Glyph of Doom and Glyph of Life are complete blowouts when combined with Valor Made Real or Wall of Glare.

Because of my inexperience in building pauper, I have no idea how to build the sideboard. Are there decks that I have to look out for? Are there any sideboard staples I need to know? What?Please remember to leave suggestions, and +1 if you like unique or even good! Thanks!


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