Just wanted to drain my friends using my favorite color

My friends and I wanted to make some casual pauper decks with spare cardboard we've accumulated over the years. My favorite mechanic is draining, and with both Ill-Gotten Inheritance and Dogged Pursuit being commons, I decided to make a deck based on enchantments and draining! Link to the deck

Draining Enchantments:

The goal of these cards is to stay on the board and slowly drain out the opponent. They also act a little bit as defense to keep my life total up

Ill-Gotten Inheritance -- I love this card so much. I think that cashing in on the 4-life swing can catch people by surprise

Dogged Pursuit - Same as Ill-Gotten Inheritance, but you don't have to wait until your next turn for it to occur

Trespasser's Curse - Slots in nicely as a two drop and helps keep up with go-wide decks

Removal Enchantments:

The goal of these cards is to act as removal or, if they stick around, add to devotion count for Gary

Withercrown - Either drain them over time or get them to sac

Quag Sickness - Hopefully useful at all stages of the game to keep big threats down

Paralyze - It's not pacifism, but it'll really help the rough early game

Draining Creatures:

These guys drain either on ETB, on attack, or by sacrificing. They'll help keep the board state safe so the slower enchantments can do their job

Kalastria Healer - They and Vampire Envoys synergize to drain on ETB

Vampire Envoy - See above. Also, 1/4 flying makes for a nice blocker if needed, or it can go on the offensive and get in 1 guaranteed ping

Gray Merchant of Asphodel - Drain on ETB

Vermin Gorger - Low drop get value from chump blocking

Epicure of Blood doesn't drain on his own, but buffs drains so enchantments double ping


Standard Swamps, I decided to add witch's cottage since it will rarely need to come in tapped due to the deck being mono-colored. Makes up for the lack of creatures and draw.


Unholy Indenture - I thought it might be good to put on a Gary to get another ETB trigger

Stab Wound - Cool that it drains and doesn't have the opportunity to sac like Withercrown, but just -2/-2 for 3 mana is tough.

Pharika's Chosen / Hired Poisoner - Originally took the spot of Paralyze to provide early-game defense, but I'd rather have the repeatable effect of Paralyze. Can be added in to replace high-mana cards if opponent is super agro.

Epicure of Blood - Two seems like the right number to have, but theres a third for longer, durdlier games

Herald of Hadar - Super cute card, not sure how practical it is to be spending 6 mana on a 5 mana card to draining 2.

Murder - I really wanted to just use creatures and enchantments, but murder is here for any ridiculousness

Sorcerer of the Fang - Early-enough body for repeatable drain later, but I figured I'd be wanting to use that mana somewhere else, and keeping it on the field that long is questionable.

Skymarch Bloodletter - If I need more bodies for some reason

Dread Rider - Cool stats, but high mana cost and questionable amount of creatures in graveyard


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