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Comments and suggestions wanted. Id like to see how solid people think this deck is.

Izzet based, post-rotation standard when Return to Ravnica drops.

Primary Deck Focus:

  • Guttersnipe: All spells in the deck (except for the other creatures) trip his ability when cast or flashed back. (Even if they don't resolve.)

  • Goblin Electromancer: Cuts the casting cost of all instant and sorcery cards by 1. This also reduces the Flashback cost in the graveyard.

NON-CREATURE SPELLS-RED: Handles burn damage to players and creatures.

  • Mizzium Mortars: Single creature damage, or mass board damage. Overload for 3RRR.

  • EDIT! Electrickery: My selected replacement for Gut Shot for post rotation Red. Overload for 1R.

NON-CREATURE SPELLS-BLUE: Handles counter-spell and draw speed of the deck.

  • Think Twice : Handles moderate draw function of the deck.

  • Dissipate and Syncopate: Counters, and exiles the countered spell to assist in fending off graveyard abilities like Undying, Scavenge, and Flashback.

  • Rewind: Counters, then untaps 4 lands for more options.

  • Izzet Charm: Wonderful combination for UR. Damage creature or player, counter non-creature spell, or draw and discard.


  • Pillar of Flame : Adds Exile to burn death for creatures with graveyard abilities.

  • Unsummon: Bounces creatures back to opponents hand to grant a second chance at countering on cast time.

  • Cyclonic Rift: Single or massive board bounce. Overload for 6U.

EDIT: This deck was modified on 5-11-2013.


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