This is a version of competive affinity except with a few differences. Mostly a lack of Atog, Chromatic Star, Springleaf Drum, and Galvanic Blast.

This build is tuned to be an extremely aggressive and volatile deck that can push out overwhelming amounts of damage to opponents extremely quickly by using affinty's massive creature suite and a bunch of cantrip artifacts.

I decided to make this build in order to take advantage of Affinty's naturally powerful creatures and synergies with flexible cantrip artifacts such as Prophetic Prism and Implement of Combustion to give the deck a very noticable increase in draw power and velocity. In this build we also skip out on Atog for the simple idea that we don't need it to win, and instead rely on a mass volume of medium/large creatures to make up for it, but we can add in Atog later if we feel like it, but for now we'll skip out on it.

I've played with this build on several occasions now and have made some observations:

Weaknesses so far noted: Less Interaction, Probably a weak sideboard, (Still working and expirmenting)

Strengths: Lots of creatures, Big creatures, powerful card draw engine, "cheap" creatures.

I'm mainly concerned for this decks ability to deal with control decks but I'll be adjusting it frequently to smooth out any problems I have.

I've been working hard on this deck and I'd like to know what you think? Anything I should try to add or remove? Or if you have any questions just leave me a comment, thanks!

Additional notes:

-A big thanks to the Pauper podcast "Colour Commontary" for doing an awesome analysis of this deck! It means a lot to me personally that you guys took the time to take a look at my build! You guys are awesome! (See Colour Commontary Episode:125 for a critical analysis of the deck and then some!)

-Huh... I should probably put Atog in the deck...


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