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Jund in Standard, Jund in Modern, Jund in Legacy.

Jund in.. Pauper?

That's right! This has to be one of the most fun conversions I've played yet! If you like aggro-control, you're going to love this!



-3 Edge of Autumn

+3 Duress


-1 Zhur-Taa Swine-3 Edge of Autumn-2 Flame Slash

+3 Duress+3 Pyroblast


-1 Zhur-Taa Swine-3 Edge of Autumn-2 Flame Slash-2 Keldon Marauders

+3 Duress+3 Pyroblast+2 Ancient Grudge

Stompy and Elves

-1 Okiba-Gang Shinobi

+1 Evincar's Justice


+2 Devour Flesh+3 Duress

-2 Flame Slash-3 Chainer's Edict


-1 Okiba-Gang Shinobi

+1 Evincar's Justice

UB control

-4 Chainer's Edict-2 Flame Slash

+3 Pyroblast+3 Duress

UR fiend

-1 Okiba-Gang Shinobi-3 Edge of Autumn-1 Zhur-Taa Swine

+2 Devour Flesh+3 Pyroblast


-3 Edge of Autumn-1 Okiba-Gang Shinobi

+2 Ancient Grudge+2 Nature's ClaimBREAKDOWN:


Keldon Marauders

This card is very aggressive, typically dealing five damage for two mana. Not a bad unearth target, and it's actually a very good card to ninjitsu out with okiba-gang shinobi.

Putrid Leech

If you played jund back in ala standard, you know how powerful this card can be. If it goes unanswered, it can often deal the full 20 by itself. You should be pretty aggressive when pumping it, as it's not always a bad thing to play into removal when we have such high value creatures in our deck.


I've got a terrible, torrid love affair with werebear. But it's just so powerful for such little cost. Threshold is very easy to attain, and a 4/4 for two is just wonderful.


Really? Crocanura? Well, yeah. Just as a 1/3 without evolving, it stops a lot of things, but this card can grow up to a 5/6 in this deck. That's pretty absurd. I can't wait til people start realising how powerful this card can be.


Ah, big daddy blastoderm. You'll get to swing three times with this man. He is great for evolving an already-evolved crocanura, he's great as a wall, he's great as an attacker. You shouldn't ignore the obvious synergy with Okiba-Gang Shinobi to reset his vanishing counters, either.

Okiba-Gang Shinobi

Originally this was a third blightning, but it's so night to be able to reuse our keldon marauders or keep our blastoderms around. This is a very powerful effect when it connects, and often the game will end right when it happens. (Even if your opponent doesn't know it yet). The ninjitsu effect is also a very beneficial effect when we're wanting to keep playing creatures to make our croconuras better.

Zhur-Taa Swine

Sometimes he wins the game by being discarded, sometimes he wins by being cast! I think any more than one would be wrong though, as it's a card you want in the late game, or when you're trying to end the game. Not necessarily in your opening hand.

Borderland Ranger

We're a three color deck in a one or two color format. Borderland ranger helps us ignore this, though. He also evolves crocanura, and attacks pretty well.


Wow. We've got a lot of removal. Seriously. This is pretty excessive.

Flame Slash

A concession to golems and enforcers. Sometimes lightning bolt just isn't enough and we're willing to sacrifice instant speed to get rid of them.

Burst Lightning

Remember what we said about flame slash? Well, just ignore it! This card is fine as a shock, can kill the same things flame slash can, but is likely better as it can just deal 4 to their face! But, sometimes we need to get rid of a big threat early, and thats why flame slash is in the deck instead of just four Burst Lightnings.

Lightning Bolt

We're playing red, so we're playing lightning bolt! Seriously, if you're playing red and you're not a combo deck, you should be playing lightning bolt. This card kills the majority of things people will cast, and your opponent as well.

Pillar of Flame

Pillar of Flame is really great against mono-white and stompy, with their doomed travelers, loyal cathars, and young wolves. It hit players too!


Two mana, kill anything. That sounds like a pretty worthwhile card to play. This even hits guardian of the guildpact!

Chainer's Edict

So many decks nowadays are playing hexproof creatures or ways to give their creatures hexproof. Well, they're in for a rude awakening, as we're playing the full four Chainer's Edict! Flashback gives the card much more value!

Other Spells

Faithless Looting

This does it all, it digs for lands, spells, or creatures. It contributes heavily to threshold. It's very cheaply costed, and flashing it back late game is never a bad thing.

Edge of Autumn

I've always liked this card, and it enables three colors very handily. Turning on threshold at instant speed while tapped out is a neat trick, too.


The majority of our creatures can be hit by unearth. Keldon Marauders turns this into a shock, if nothing else, it brings back a 4/4 werebear, a 2/2(4/4)putrid leech, and it can even grab us a land in a pinch by bringing back a borderland ranger. This is just really, really great utility, and it helps us grind out games that we don't win outright.


It's a real shame that bloodbraid elf is not common, but I suppose that it would be a little too powerful. But, we still get the better half of bloodbraid elf back in ALA standard, blightning! What a cool effect, lightning bolt and mind rot. We do both of these effects on two other cards, so why not just combine them!? This is a "must-counter" spell, and if they can't, you're probably too far ahead for them to win. It really is great how efficiently costed this is, as it'd probably be unplayable at a higher cost or a more demanding color cost.


Gruul GuildgateRakdos GuildgateGolgari Guildgate

Ah, gates. We're playing them in order of important, three, two, one. The more I play with this deck, the more I consider cutting a swamp for another golgari guildgate, though. So perhaps if you play this deck, you can play around with the numbers until you find what's right for you.


It'd be pretty silly to play evolving wilds, borderland ranger, and edge of autumn with no basics to fetch, right?

Evolving Wilds

The ultimate mana fixer. It's free, but it's a little slow. This is a risk I'm willing to take to attain true jund power!


Ancient Grudge

Should I destroy the red or the black artifact land? Hm.. Why not both!


I've gone over the merits of duress before, and how it does everything control doesn't want you to do. I still feel this is pretty accurate. No control player is ever going to want to let a duress resolve.

Evincar's Justice

Damnation. Well, close enough. The majority of our creatures can survive this, so it's not a bad option when we flood the board with 4/4's and force them to overextend into this.

Nature's Claim

Sometimes ancient grudge isn't enough. Nature's claim has the added benefit of being able to destroy enchantments as well. No one wants to play against ethereal armor and armadilo cloak, anyway!


If you're playing red, you should be playing pyroblast. There are so many powerful blue decks in the format, a one mana counterspell/removal spell is amazing.


A lot of times when you try to destroy cloudposts, or lands with a lot of enchantments on it, they're going to have countermagic. Raze lets us destroy them before they're even relevant. Destroying our own land isn't really that bad, since they're less valuable than a land that taps for 2-6 mana, and it contributes to threshold as well.

Devour Flesh

If you're facing against the hexproof deck, a lot of your removal is going to be turned off. With the full 6 non-targeted removal spells after sideboarding, they'll be hardpressed to do anything but pass the turn against you.


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