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Crab Rave - Competitive Crab Tribal Deck

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Being the absolute madman I am, I built a goddamn crab tribal fight me.

The basic gist of this deck is beef up everything with counters, and I have a few ways of doing this. One is through crabs like Skittering Crustacean and Scuttlegator which have monstrosity and can be used to beef themselves up. Other crabs like Skitter Eel with adapt or Shambleshark which beefs itself up through evolve. The second way you can buff creatures with counters is with Forced Adaptation , which allows you to put +1/+1 counters on your creatures consistently. The third way is through cards with proliferate such as Contentious Plan (which also helps with card draw) and Wanderer's Strike (which is also nice removal).

Bioshift is great for this deck because it synergizes with Skitter Eel 's adapt. Since adapt can only be done when a creature has no +1/+1 counters on it, you can use Bioshift to move counters from Skitter Eel to other creatures, then allowing you to adapt Skitter Eel again. This makes Skitter Eel basically a +1/+1 counter generator for your other creatures.

Mana Geode and Cultivate are to help with mana fixing and mana ramp, which you need in order to pay the monstrous costs.

Purple-Crystal Crab and Riptide Crab are mainly early game chumpers that also help with card draw.

edit: I forgot that Scuttlegator actually has adapt not monstrosity, so it synergizes with Bioshift too.


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After some playtesting, I’m starting to think that the proliferate option might not be the best outlet. Wanderer's Strike is great but for removal it’s fairly heavy cmc. Since this deck has a hard time with aerial decks, Plummet might be a good substitute. Some sort of counterspells like Counterspell or Negate might be great replacements as well.

Secondly, Divination might be better than Contentious Plan simply because the straight card advantage is almost a neccessity.

edit: after playtesting many times in paper, let me just say ignore everything I wrote above. It's scary that the deck is actually somewhat good


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